Summary: Your vision is the goal by which your life achievements should be measured with. Set goals and depend on God. Walk with him, maintaining the vision, then His zeal shall perform it.



TEXT: Prov. 29:18; Hab. 2:2


It is an important topic we are discussing today; A factor that dominates life; A reliable and best measuring rule on how best a life has been lived.

Who are these that are being remembered for good in our society today? People who had VISION and lived for their vision.Who are the people who left a mark – AN INDELIBLE MARK- on the shore of planet Earth for unborn generations to cherish? They are Men and women of vision. Dare to be one of them.

I. Vision Defined

What is Vision?

Literally: Looking ahead

A forward-pointing arrow towards the future.

What does it mean to have a vision?

- Seizing the future to make it ours.

- For the future to be yours, you must have vision.

This means you are not leaving in the “today”. You are leaving today for the future. You are carrying the future right in your heart today.

You can begin today!


II. Vision is of God

1. “ And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and ……. Your young men will see visions:. Joel 2:28. That is prophetic vision – seeing beyond the ordinary.

2. When there is No open vision. I Sam 3:1. Also Ps 89:19

3. God’s purpose cannot be hidden from His own. Amos 3:7; Num 12:6.

Vision (True Vision) is from God

- It comes as a Divine revelation of God’s purpose or plan for your life, community, nation or the world as a whole. It is a definite impression on your heart of what God wants done AND your role in it.

Be sure the vision you have is from God.

III. Vision is a Guide for your life

1. “Where there is no vision the people cast off restraint”. Prv. 29;18 (Darby) NIV

“……………… a nation without order” (GoodNews)

“……………… the people perish. “ (KJV)

“……………….the people dwell carelessly”.

2. You can be mislead by other peoples’ vision.

“…. They speak visions from their own minds, not form the mouth of the Lord.” Jer. 23:16, Lam 2:9c.

Where there is no Prophetic vision, the people perish. These (1 & 2) are what happen when there is not vision.

IV. You and Your Vision

1. Know the Vision God has given you.

The Bible speaks of a “vision for the whole crowd.” Ezek. 7:13

a. Joseph knew his God-given vision, Gen 37: 5ff

b. Jonah knew hi s God-given vision, Jonah 1:1-2

c. Paul discovered his God-given vision, Acts 9:15, Gal 2:7.

d. Daniel identified his God-given vision, Dan. 7:1, 15.

e. Have your vision clearly defined. Discover it.

2. Write the vision

Daniel wrote down the substance of his dream. Dan 7:1

“Then the LORD replied, write down the revelation and make it plain....” Hab. 2:2.

This serves a good reference point to check up the vision.

3. Brood on the vision

a. A time of waiting. Do not rush into the vision. Brood on it. Brood over it.

§ To appreciate the vision, you must understand it. Then you will not be misguided. Dan. 9:23; 10!. To some people; the written vision is “nothing but word sealed in a scroll” (Is.29:11). No room to read, talk less of understanding it. Through prayers and meditation, understanding will be given the reader.

b. Shut up the vision.

§ On the mount of transfiguration, Peter, James and John were shown a vision of the glorified Christ. “And as they descended from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no one … “ Mt 17:9.The time or period of brooding on the vision is the time when you alone should know of it.

§ Daniel was told to seal up the vision, Dan 8:26,27. Why? “it concerns the distant future,” Vs 26. Then he brood on it.

§ Habakkuk was told that the vision “awaits an appointed time …. “ 2:3.

§ The vision you have may not be for the now. See Ezekiel 12:27.

§ This is the time for your to seek God’s face concerning the “When and how” to execute the vision.

§ The three Apostles were told to brood on the transfiguration vision until ….?

“… until the son of man be risen form the dead”. Mt. 17:9.

c. You may get yourself into trouble.

While giving his defense before the High Priest, Stephen speaks of the vision given to Moses – that of a deliverer.

When Moses was given the vision is not known. But he definitely knew it. He alone.

When he’s supposed to be brooding on it, the Bible says ‘He expected his brethren to understand that God was granting them deliverance by his hand-taking it for granted that they would accept him; but they did not understand.” Acts 7:25 (Amplified).

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