Summary: A message giving alertness to youth of just how dangerous they are in God’s hands against the enemy.

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Sometimes young people have to recognize the intensity of the enemy’s attack before they can understand just how much of a threat they are... how dangerous they are.

This generation of youth is a big threat to the enemy. Why? Because they have a huge call on their lives. Once you realize who you are in Him. You are like no other generation before you. It is the last days generation that is rising up and responding to the call of following Jesus—of seeing multitudes come into the Kingdom through your witness and ministry. There is a powerful call on your whole generation.

This is why the Apostle John stated clearly that young people have overcome the evil one because they know Him the Father who is Jesus Christ. And in order for young people to overcome the evil one they must have the word in there lives and place there faith in Jesus Christ. But now the times have changed and many young people in our churches are not living up to what the Apostle John has written.

The enemy knows how powerful young people can be in God’s hands. He knows how much damage they can bring to him and his host of demons when they drop to there knees in prayer. That is why the enemy wants to take you out. That is why he has laid so many traps for your life. Just think about it?

First, there are drugs, all kinds of them. A few generations ago there was pot and acid and some hard stuff. Now there are so many more kinds of drugs. And they are way stronger than they used to be—and lots easier to get, too. Who can fulfill their calling with a confused mind?

Then there’s sex. Well, there’s always been sex. But now with AIDS and various STD’s you can die from having sex... even just once. You can’t fulfill your destiny if you’re sick... or dead.

There’s lots of sexual abuse, too. A huge percentage of you have been sexually abused, raped, molested. I know because I am a victim of this. I to was molested by someone in the church, a minister that everyone looked up to. My innocence was taken away and i suffered through the years with the pain and shame. But God restored my life and set me free of that pain, just like He is doing today with many other youth and teens. And now I’m out there reaching out to others with this situation as well through prayer, counseling, conferences and outreach events.

What used to happen once in awhile now happens all the time... and most of it happens right in your own homes by your parents, brothers, sisters, relatives... or someone else you should have been able to trust. There’s a lot more physical and emotional abuse too... stuff that degrades you and makes you feel like you are nothing. Nobody. Like dying. Like giving up before you even begin.

These are all things that hurt your heart and can ruin your life if you are left on your own and never turn to Jesus. It’s hard to think about fulfilling your destiny when you are dealing with so much personal heartbreak.

And to top it off, the enemy has made sure that your generation gets it daily dose of violence, evil doings, and callousness towards those who are smaller, weaker and not as good looking or smart. He says it’s OK to not care when someone else is hurt... or even when you are hurt. You just need to act like you don’t care. Pretty soon you think you really don’t.

Today there’s a lot more to be angry about, confused about, betrayed about.... and so many messages out there just tell you to harden your heart, join tougher gangs, get bigger guns, take harder drugs, have more sex... anything to make your mind and heart number than it’s ever been because the pain is so great. Because reality is so unbearable. And he tells some of you to ease some of your emotional pain by hurting others, or even to cause yourselves some genuine physical pain. Some of you know exactly what I mean.

Do you know that the enemy thinks your generation is so dangerous that he probably tried to kill you before you were even born? If you are alive and you are in your mid-twenties or younger—you are a survivor of the biggest war in human history. It’s called abortion—and the enemy has already murdered over 20 million of your classmates before they even saw the light of day. And that’s just in America. Think of the brothers, sisters, cousins, and good friends you might have had if abortion hadn’t been legalized. The numbers are staggering and the abortion war rages on today. Some of you have even avoided being parents in this way—which has most likely plagued you with guilt. Who can fulfill their destiny when they are full of guilt?

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