Summary: Success in Christ is not measured by numbers of people or popularity. We can find success in Jesus by being focused on Him and who He calls us to. (Power Point available)(Preached at The King’s Seminary)


Intr.: Sometimes I feel like a failure. My family cannot remember my sermon the next day.

1. People are losing jobs. Banks are closing. Where do we find success today?

2. Half of Americans are quitting their church. A book is titled “Jesus has left the building.”

3. Do you feel like a success? How are you feeling about your life, your ministry, your sermons?

4. Perhaps Jesus would have been considered a failure in today’s Church in John 6.


1. Jesus had just performed miracles; feeding 5,000, walking on water.

2. Big crowds were following Jesus asking for “bread.” Jesus said, “I am the bread.”

3. Jesus was more interested in relationships than the success of his ministry or sermon.

We can experience success in Christ in the following ways:

I. Hold on to the people God has given us. Not lose one. John 6:39

1. By focusing our attention on the people who God brings into our lives.

1) Our family, friends, neighbors (inconvenient distractions).

2) We should not be so focused on the “ends of the earth” that we forget Jerusalem. Acts 1:8

2. Because individual people are more important than the success of our ministry (1 in 99). Mt. 18:12

3. By understanding that we are not the savior of the whole world.

"The trouble with success is that the formula is the same as the one for a nervous breakdown." -Lloyd Cory, Executive Digest.

4. How are you treating the special people that God has brought into your life?

II. Accept the losses that come into our lives. Many of his disciples left. John 6:60, 66

1. Because our message is not always easy or popular. John 6:53-58

2. Because sometimes losing is winning. Mt: 16:25

Illus: Our church drummer vanished, but now we have more people in our worship team.

3. Have you ever been quit on? It hurts, but take heart, they quit on Jesus.

4. How could a loss be a win for you?

III. Keep Jesus as our goal. Where else could we go? John 6:67-69

1. By eliminating options. Jesus is the only choice for us.

2. Because Jesus is success. He is not a formula, event, or ticket to heaven. John 14:6

3. Because God’s Word and His way fulfills our lives completely. John 6:68

Quote: “God is the origin and source of salvation as well as its goal.” (Peter T. O’Brien, The Letter to the Ephesians, The Pillar New Testament Commentary (Eardmans, Grand Rapids, 1999): 92.)

Illus: Striking out: your parents still love you!

4. Are you considering any other options besides Jesus right now?

Conclusion: Therefore, we can experience success in God.

1. Consider opportunities that we may have missed, for example:

1) Praying with our families everyday (like LAPD Officer Randy Simmons the night before he died).

2) Being friendly at the donut shop across the street.

3) Struggling through classes and sermons for the benefit of others.

2. We are a success simply by being Jesus to the people in our lives whether we ever say a word or not.

3. Is our ministry a success? We may not remember your sermon, but we will remember you because you are the greatest sermon you will ever preach!

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