Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: every memeber of the Body serving The Lord.

“You Are Needed For Service” Text John 12:26.


If you desire to serve Christ, you must first follow Him. Your service to Him will not be a singular undertaking,but will be constant. Wherever you work for Him He will be there with you. Serving Jesus is a team effort -Jesus and you. Working together to accomplish His work.

1.How To Serve.

A. Serve in “newness of Spirit” You have a power for service that is refreshing and energizing (Ro 7:6)

B. Serve Faithfully Serve with all your heart(1Sam 12:20) There can be no dividing of your loyalty between God and the World. (Matt 6:24)

C. Serve with love. Love keeps every goal in right perspective and causes our working with others to run smoothly( Gal 5:13

2. Where To Serve.

A. Serve In the church. You should be a vital part of church through worship and service.

B. Serve at home. Christian principles of service should be put into practice at home. The home is the testing ground for real dedication.

C. Serve At school and work, By being Christian. Helpful courteous friendly to those with who you associate you can win lost souls to Christ.

3. Whom To Serve.

A. Serve the community. By visiting in hospitals. In private homes. Nursing homes.

B. Serve your generation. Serve by the will of God(Acts 13:36)

Determine you will make your life count for God. Determine that with Gods help will make a mark in life for Christ.

C. Serve God Continually. Do not serve Him occasionaly. Or periodically, or seasonally. Serve Him Continually Like Daniel. (Dan 6:20.

Concl: Will you dedicate your life for Christian service now?.

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