Summary: Your value in the eyes of God is priceless...

“Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve

And to give His life as a ransom for many.”

Matthew 20:28

You are very Expensive

The word expensive was first used in 1630s, "given to profuse expenditure,” meaning "costly”. This word is exactly one of the right words that would best describe your value to Him. You are indeed very expensive. You are worth more than this world could ever offer.

I happen to pass over a store that sells very good-looking jeans and shirts. I can’t help myself from not entering into it since there was something hanged inside that caught my attention. The polo looked very great and it suited me well, so I asked the in charge about the prize of the item and to my surprise it was very expensive. So I returned the polo in its place and promised myself to save a lot to be able to buy it. I was indeed able to buy it but it took me a lot of time and effort. It may have cost me a lot but it was worth it.

Your value is like that of an original shirt and jeans; you are costly. You are never a “class A” nor a replica, you are an original creation of God thus do not allow yourself to be maneuvered by the lie of others telling you are a failure and that you do not worth anything.

Imitated jeans, even if they look exactly the same as with the original divulge their shoddiness when they are washed. Their colors easily fade and are easily damaged. The worst thing you do is when you washed them together with other clothes; their faded colors contaminate other garments.

This is what is happening in the world nowadays .People are trying to duplicate someone else. They replicate someone else’s look and lifestyle just to get in with the trend.But in the end their vulnerability is easily revealed with just a slight dilemma.

You are an original creation of God. You were created to withstand all forms of storms in life. Nothing can ever pull you down and obliterate your true color unless you allow it to happen by thinking and living negatively. His words say,“No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD.”a

Many people especially young ones made a great mistake of easily getting into a relationship. Some say because of love at first sight; others are scared of losing somebody thinking that a certain person is already the right being for them and at the end sobbing over the failure in a relationship. I call it tears shed in vain.

You are a costly item hanged on a store and someone has seen you and will have to work hard saving laboriously anticipating that someday he or she would be able to own you. You are not an “ukay-ukay” with a cheap price that is why, do not be in hurry. Wait for that someone to come to you, someone who will invest time, effort, love, and respect to gain your heart.

All of us if only given plethora of money and fortune would choose to buy expensive and genuine things rather than the cheap and used bits and pieces. We even put special dealings to the costly things that we acquire. For us Filipinos, our costly plates are kept secured and used only on special occasions and for special people.Our original clothing is washed separately from the so called “ukay-ukay” using a more special soap. My point is that we treat differently the expensive things that we know and once you believe that you are very expensive and very special in the way your designer created you, your way of thinking who you are will change. How you accept who you are plays a vital role in shaping your whole being.

You can’t eradicate the fact that there are people out there whose reason of existence is to criticize you. But remember this one truth, people throw stones only on trees that bear fruit. You can’t be seen when there is nothing special in you. Once you feel that there are so many who passed judgment on you, it must be that you are starting to bear fruits and the only way they could feel your flavor is by throwing stones against you hoping that someday they would also bear fruit the way you do by experiencing what is in you.

There is another truth I wanted to share, I happened to be invited as one of the juries in many competitions, always part of the criteria is the audience impact and most of it varies only from five to ten percent of the whole. You can’t get rid of the viewers for they also influence your performance but remember they only contribute an infinitesimal worth to your success. Make it your stand not to let your performance diminish by spending so much of your time pleasing your audiences after all, audience impact is only five to ten percent. Learn to focus much of your success in the other criteria listed below:

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