Summary: There are factors that set a limit line to people in life. Many keep marching on this line but cannot cross to the other side. this message will help give you the push you need to get to the other side of life.


TEXT: ACTS 3:1-10

No matter where you are now, there’s somewhere better where you can be tomorrow. Every position has its own allocation. Until your position changes, your allocation remains the same. God is set to take you to the other side of life, are you ready to allow Him?

The story line:

1. The man was lame from his mother’s womb. This means that the problem he had was an inherited one. This is what we call in-born problem. Every negative inheritance in your life shall be disinherited today in Jesus Name. Remember also the man that was born blind in John 9:1-7. God ended that inherited problem, God will end your own too today. He will work out His glory in your life not minding what people are saying about you. Every ancestral curse upon your life shall be broken today in Jesus name.

2. The man was being carried. Can you imagine, the man was over forty years and still was being carried. The y say, ‘a fool at forty is a fool forever’. Are you still depending on people for sustenance when you should have been sustaining others? God will change the story today. You’ve graduated from the college or University, yet no job. Men are still feeding you, God will cause a turn around in your life today. Life, they say, begins at forty. A new life will begin for you today in Jesus name.

3. HE WAS LAME. This means inability. He was not making progress. His life was stagnated. In fact, people determined how far he could go each day. He had no control over his movement. From today, your life will no longer be stagnated in Jesus name. You shall move forward in life.

4. HE WAS LAID DOWN AT THE GATE. The gate is a place of decision making. Decisions were not taken in his favour. He desired to enter the temple but could not because the ones carrying him had decided on where to be placing him. They were using him to make money at the gate when power was present in the temple to cause a change in his situation. Today, every decision that shall be taken by people around you shall be taken to your advantage.

5. HE FIXED HIS EYES ON PETER & JOHN. Desire is the fire that makes you acquire what you require to advance in life. Three things would happen to you after now: you will walk, leap and praise. Can I hear your amen to that?

6. HE BECAME A WONDER. After today’s encounter with the Lord, your life would become a wonder to men. You see, before the encounter, the life of this man was a prayer point. Let me tell you the prayer point. People would look at him and say, ‘God, let my case not be like this man’s. Whoever he has offended, may I not offend such’. But soon after the encounter, the prayer point changed. It became, ‘God, visit me as you have visited this man. Cause a turn around in my life’. Your life too will soon become a positive prayer point to people. Your life will become a testimonial of answered prayers. God will answer all your prayers.

7. PETER GAVE HIM THE RIGHT HAND. God is going to stretch out His right hand towards you. You know that it is good to be right in life. You will receive from today right things in life. Men will give you the right hand in life.


1. Father, turn all my past failures into success

2. Lord, bring back to life, every crippled relationship that is meant for my lifting in life.

3. Father, I reject and renounce every negative oath, allegiance, covenant and agreement made by me or on my behalf by my parents that is now working against my life, in Jesus name

4. Lord, remove every yoke or burden arising from family lineage or dedication in Jesus name.

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