Summary: This is a sermon designed to sway persons in either a positive or negative direction towards Christian living.


What a world in which we live. It seems as if the world moves at an ironic or opposite path. It seems as if today’s society marches to the beat of a different drum than the past generations’ societies. It seems as if what was BAD has become GOOD. It also seems as if what was GOOD has become BAD. The anti-hero now stands as the “hero” in the public eye and the hero now stands as the “anti-hero” in the public eye. Nobody wants to fight the good fight but it seem everybody wants to fight the bad fight. The media shows us predominantly “BAD” news and just a small amount of “good” news. Sex, violence, drugs, dysfunction, and disharmony rule society. The number one movie in the country last week, Hannibal (which portrayed a psychotic, human-eating, coniving former doctor as the hero), sold $58 million dollars in ticket money last week. I was one of the many who saw the movie. The bottom line of the matter whether good or bad stands—in the words of the rap group Black Sheep—YOU CAN GET WITH THIS OR YOU CAN GET WITH THAT. YOU CAN GET WITH THIS OR YOU CAN GET WITH THAT.

You can get with this or you can get that is what Moses was virtually saying to the Israelites. Listen to Moses speak throughout the scripture. God has brought us from making bricks without straw and being tortured by Pharaoh and the soldiers of Egypt. God has brought us from running through the desert to crossing the Red Sea on dry land. God has fed us manna from the grasshopper dung and dew from the trees in the wilderness of Sin. God has fed us water from a rock in the middle of nowhere. God gave me the teachings and rules for you to follow throughout your life. We have wandered in the wilderness some thirty-odd years but we will soon get over to the Promised Land. I will not get there with you but you will get there. YOU CAN GET WITH THIS—all of the commandments, decrees, and ordinances with God has given me and become successful and have a good life. YOU CAN GET WITH THAT—all of things that make you forget God’s goodness and benefits and bring trouble to you and find sure failure and destruction. YOU CAN GET WITH THIS—loving the Lord, walking in the right ways, obeying God’s teachings, and holding fast to God and find long life and prosperous things. YOU CAN GET WITH THAT—turning your heart away from God, not listening to sound instruction, serving other Gods, serving people, serving places, and serving the wrong things and discover the way to destruction and death before you get to the Promised Land. YOU CAN GET WITH THIS—know that God has taken us from the slavery of oppressors and being nobodies in Egypt to get toward the promised land of hope, salvation, and a land flowing with milk and honey (prosperity). YOU CAN GET WITH THAT—turning away from the direction of the promised land and going back to slavery, going back to poverty, and going back to your so-called comfort zone. YOU CAN GET WITH THIS OR YOU CAN GET WITH THAT.

The relationship between God and the Hebrew nation begins as a very personal one that becomes less personal. The biblical history of Israel shows us a playful nation that likes to challenge its relationship with God by playing games with God. The game is a very stupid one which the nation plays because it constantly goes through the up-and-down cycle of highs (blessings) and lows (curses). The game becomes more and more destructive as the nation’s leaders play around with the rules of the teachings by performing tasks for an outside show rather than performing tasks to obtain health living and positive connection with God. The remembering of the teachings became more important than following the teachings. Tragedy is what we should see happening in our minds. Let me continue with the sermon.

My brothers and sisters, we are very much like the Hebrew nation of that day. God has taken America from the one of the countries of the New World to the greatest economic, financial, and military power in the world. God has taken Black folks in America from the slavery and plantation driving of the North and the South to owning property and running businesses. God has taken Black folks in America from being miseducated by slave drivers and slave sellers to moving to Eastside of Manhattan, New York in penthouses far beyond the Underground Railroad. God has taken Black folks from coming to America owning nothing in here to becoming CEOs of professional sports organizations and credit card institutions. I tell you this afternoon in the words of the rapper Mystikal that were live in Danger, Danger and we need to get on the floor.

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