Summary: Don’t wait for the battle to be over - You Can Shout Right Now!!!

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Rev. Christopher recently concluded a series entitled “You are Predestined for Greatness” and in that series he presented the thought that each of us who is a reborn child of God has a purpose and a destiny of eventual victory. He suggested for our spiritual consideration the idea that in spite of all of the promise that God has spoken over our lives there are still some obstacles that we may face and some tribulations that we must endure. But as heirs we can move forward with faith, we can be persuaded that nothing will separate us from the love of God, Nothing will derail his purpose, nothing can hinder us getting to the places that he has prepared for them that love the Lord.

But, for all of that, the reality of the situation is that sometimes we find ourselves facing walls in our lives. There are some times that for all that God has spoken into our spirits, we find ourselves facing situations, hurdles and circumstances that seem to be impermeable…Walls! We find sometimes that there is brokenness that hinders us from receiving what God has desired for us to have…Walls! We find there are some burdens of life that we are trying to bare, some un-forgiveness in our spirit, some inability to move beyond who and what we are today…Walls! Nevertheless, I am here to tell you today, that no matter what the walls are in your life, God is sufficient in all things. The God who has brought you thus far on the way did not bring you to the wilderness to leave you. You are standing on the edge of the Promised Land. Your eyes may not be able to see it but set your spirit to receive it. You are on the edge of your breakthrough, on the edge of your victory, on the brink of receiving the fullness of the promises of God. Your walls are about to come tumbling down!

As we look at our text this morning we find the Israelites in the same position as some of us in here. There they are standing on the edge of the promise land. Finally, after their years of bondage. Finally after facing the Red Sea. Finally after wondering in the wilderness for 40 years and after loosing their leader Moses. Generations after the promise had been spoken to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. After their period of trial, tribulation and travails…Now they are standing with the promise land in their field of vision. But there is a catch here, a bit of a snag in the process. You see even though they have caught a glimpse of the Promised Land, In spite of the fact that their place of victory is just around the bend, they still can’t touch it yet. See there is this issue of a wall. A wall that is separating them from the fulfillment of the promise. A wall that is hindering them from moving from where they are right now and the place that God has called them to be.

And I wonder saints, how many of us have found ourselves in a similar situation. We recognize that God has spoken promise over us but yet we find ourselves facing a wall. We find ourselves facing something, some gap that needs to be bridged, some growth that needs to take place, some stronghold that needs to be broken, some wall that needs to be removed that keeps us from receiving the God ordained place of victory on the other side. So the question becomes, how do we remove the walls. How do we overcome the obstacles? How do we position ourselves to receive all that God desires for us to have and be?

The scripture tells us in verse two that the Lord said unto Joshua: See, I have given into thine hand Jericho. The word SEE is an interesting word, which brings me to our first point this morning. And that point is that we must develop our spiritual eye.

Understand that when God begins this conversation

with Joshua with the word See. He is not asking him to see the situation through his physical eye. He is not asking Him to evaluate the situation based on what he can touch or upon that which is tangible. He is not even asking him to evaluate it based on what was reasonable. He is telling Joshua to look with his Spiritual Eye. See it is with the spiritual eye that even while we are in the crucible of pressure, even when it looks like all hope is gone that we can look to the hills from whence cometh our help for our help cometh from the Lord. So here Joshua stands overlooking the city of Jericho. Jericho, the city that he and Caleb along with ten other spies had look upon 40 years early. Jericho, that the children of Israel had decided they would be unable to conquer. Jericho with two walls that encompassed the city. Jericho this fortified impregnable city and now God is saying See…I have given unto thy hand Jericho.

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