Summary: Faith is simple, so they say...

You Gotta Have Faith

Proverbs 3:5-6

ME: Faith is simple, I have a tendency to make it complicated

1: Faith is like

a) Belief

b) Like a trust fall

c) Just take a leap of faith, a step of faith

Application: Faith is more than blind obedience, faith is trust that something or someone is what it says, it does what it says it can do.

WE: Think about all the stuff we trust every day…

2: We trust things all the time

a) It doesn’t require Earth changing faith to trust the chairs we’re sitting in right now

b) We come in here and we sit down

c) There’s no inspection, no safety code we go through before we sit down

d) We trust that the chair is going to do what it’s supposed to do

Application: We do that with just about everything we use or depend on, daily we trust that our phones are gonna work.

GOD: Here’s the thing about God

3: God wants you to trust HIM

a) Faith is trust in action

b) God’s says Trust me, Believe in me

c) If you take a step further

Application: God expects us to believe that HE is who HE says is and HE does what HE says HE’s gonna do…

YOU: What’s the secret to faith

4: The better question is What do expect out of GOD???

a) It’s easy to expect a result when it’s always worked before

b) You’re still in that chair, it’s doing its job

c) What if it was that simple???

Chair Illustration: Every person came in the auditorium and sat down in a chair, you didn’t inspect the chair or ask if the chair could hold you up, you just sat down on that chair. You exercised faith in that chair, you trust that the chair is made for sitting on or in, and you trusted that that chair is what it appears to be and can do what it’s supposed to do...

Application: Placing your faith in Jesus is just as simple as sitting in that chair, it’s just as simple as swiping your screen and all your stuff is there…

SO WHAT: Authentic faith is trusting that God is who HE says HE is and HE does what HE says…

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