Summary: Maybe you’re entering environment/completely foreign to you There’s power in your presence cause you’re a carrier/Christ

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Pastor Allan Kircher

“You had me at Hello”

14 Dec 2014

***All Sermons are in condensed form****

Persuade you/God has placed his presence inside you

• You are not merely to survive/Christmas

• change agent every relationship you touch

• Can be a time of year/very frustrating/lot of us.

I love my family/joy’s family/I know you do too.

I know:

• Nobody/family gets on your nerves

• every guest coming through your home/welcomed guest

• No anxiety/stressing buy presents

Just in case:

• At times/dysfunctional relationship represented/this room

• I know it’s not true

• I want to give you gift/morning/gift is perspective.

• I’ve already had/best Christmas so far.

• not because Joy said trade

• Because I see the church growing with … members


Presence of God---real/powerful/within you today

• Read/Scripture most difficult job/show it to you the way God showed it to me.

• I get excited/Scripture Text/surface doesn’t stand out

• Powerful if it hits you/will change your Christmas/has mine

Luke 1:39…birth to a virgin/salvation…

• don’t/problem/got problem/woman getting ready/hurrying

Luke 1:39-45…ask you a question

When you enter a room a situation ….does it cause people to jump for joy or run for cover that’s all I want to know today.

• The power/your presence/Pray

• Mary walks in the room/Elizabeth’s baby begins to kick

• Need/catch you up if you’re fully aware/context.


Zechariah priest/house Lord burning incense

• Angel Gabriel shows up---team Capt/all/angels

• was one bad angel when he showed up you listened

Spoke to Zechariah………hard to believe

• Up in years/his wife was barren/Elizabeth/relative/Mary

• Gabriel insisted they going to child.

• Zachariah responded doubt/unbelief

Infuriated Angel because nothing breaks/heart of God even more when people don’t believe His promise

• Zachariah in doubt/Angel says I’ll fix this

• Mute button/Zach’s mouth/not speak until/child is born


Meanwhile Mary gets appearance/same angel

• Angel says/same thing/shows up/quiet comical/fear not

• angel shows up/just going to fear/nothing I can do

• Remember/I can only Imagine/what would I do…..

• I’ll tell you what you would do….


Angel tells Mary you’re going to have a baby too…

• Elizabeth’s baby/prepare the way “John the Baptist”

• isn’t a preparation Mary you/carrying God/flesh

• his name shall be Jesus/He/save His people/their sins

• Emmanuel/God with us------now you’re caught up…

• Mary goes on the distance/How long?.......50-70 miles?

• Mary/Elizabeth/pregnant/great pregnancy test

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