Summary: To get what you need, we need to have a "want to" will to get it. otherwise you may never obtain what ir rightfully yours

You have to have a want to

Luke 15:11-32

*In Luke 15 you will see three stories take place.*

The 100 sheep, The 10 coins, And here the 2 sons.

~In each of the first two we see that the sheep and coins were looked for till they were

found! For they (sheep and coins) were not capable of moral choices and actions like the

son, who was not sought after.

~They were not reasonable for there situation, the son was.

~Others had responsibility to find them. But the son was personally responsible for his

actions and own return.

~Notice that there was much rejoicing in all three cases of return.

Vv 12 the son states I want what is mine!

~It was Jewish custom and law that the Father had no choice in giving out the estate. And

when he did he gave to the sons only.

~The only way that the daughters ever received anything is if there were no sons.

~And the eldest son always received a double portion of the goods of the Father.

~It was the utmost disrespect to ask of your portion while your father was still alive, asking for it, was saying that your father was dead to you.

**Notice the son was of age to leave the house, to make his own choices.

~It is rightfully his to have and that the Father freely gives it to him.

~This was not a normal practice of things to do, the Father was still living, and it is a

disrespectful request, of the son.

~It shows that the son was thinking of himself, and had no concern for the Father,

weather he was dead or alive, physical gain was all he cared about.

**And lastly notice that he took his journey into a far country. ***

~Notice the root of all of this ’self pride’ Me, Me, Me, Me!

~He wanted away from his family, wanted his money, wanted his own life

~He wanted his own friends, wanted his own place, wanted his own choices in life to make

**You must have a want to, to become better than you currently are.

~Not being satisfied with what you have or where you are.

~God can use you, but you have to willing to move on from where you are to where he

wants you to be! Are you willing to move out of the comfort zone you have put yourself


~What gets people in trouble is they think what they have in there hand is there best

portion. Things of the now!

~They can’t see that these things are just temporal, not looking into the future, but living

in for today.

**What happened? What was the cause for his return and repentance?

~His affliction and being in want. He thought about how little he has of possessions and

food, and realized that the servants of his Fathers house were living better than he was.

~He became to be in want: he wanted his family back: he wanted to live wealthy and

healthy life again: he wanted his old life back: he wanted his old friends back: he

wanted his old bed back: he wanted his old food again: he wanted to see is Father again.


I will take whatever place that I can get back at the Fathers house. I just want to be back home.

He was even willing to be a servant, and knowing that being a servant would be better than where his currently is.

~Upon his return the Father expressed his kindness before the son express his repentance.

~God presents us with his blessings even before we call he answers, for he knows our


**The ring and the sandals were sings of free man:

No longer living in the ugliness of sin.

**The robe: is showing the heir ship of the Father,

And once again, allowing the son access to the full Fathers house.

**These items outwardly show his son belonging in the Fathers house, and taking his rightful place as the son of the Father.

Welcomed! Washed! Warm! Wanted!

Pastor Jerry Stepp


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