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Summary: A quick examination of hypocrisy in our lives

(adapted from a message by Jeff Faull)



INTRODUCTION: A. You might be a member of the Christian church/churches of Christ if...

1. If you were an adult before you knew that guide, guard and direct wasn’t one word

2. If you can’t receive an offering until you’ve blessed the gift and the giver

3. If you plan to be at the building at the next appointed time

4. If you think it’s unscriptural to drain the baptistery,

5. If you think that Jesus really did turn the water in to Welch’s grape juice

6. If your minister owns a pair of waders but doesn’t fish

7. If there is a better than 50-50 chance your congregation’s first name is First

8. If you show up for Bible study without a Bible

9. If the dog-eared pages of your Bible start three-quarters of the way through

10. If you can’t clap in rhythm and you consider yourself “charismatically

challenged” and you’re okay with that

11. If you get mad at someone and decide to start your own church, college,

periodical, or independent mission organization.

12. If you have never sung the third verse of ANY hymn

13. If you raised your hands during a worship service and you’ve felt guilty ever since

14. If you’re old enough to get a senior citizen’s discount but not old enough to be

promoted to the next older Sunday school class

15. If you consider the church roll the Lamb’s Book of Life

16. If you’re part of a Unity Movement that has split twice

B. I love the Christian church/church of Christ

--those of us who consider ourselves “conservative” in the Restoration Movement have

a great heritage

1. We have some very distinct characteristics and we have some important doctrinal


--Sometimes we can even chuckle at some of those distinct characteristics

2. However, we are not without flaw

a. Those of us who have a Restoration movement heritage, especially those of us

who consider ourselves conservative, need to take heed to the words of Jesus to

“Beware the leaven of the Pharisees...:

b. Because of that, I preach this message entitled “You Might Be a Pharisee If...”

c. I also want to let you know that this message is one that I borrowed from my friend

Matt Sullivan who borrowed it from Jeff Faull

1). it was originally preached at Hillsboro Family Camp several years ago

2). I’ve adapted and revised it somewhat

d. I believe it has great relevance for us today

1). June 27-30 is the North American Christian Convention in Louisville

2). This year marks the hundred year anniversary of the official recognition of the

split between ourselves and our non-instrumental brothers and sisters

3). The theme of the NACC this year is Together In Christ

--We’re seeking to heal that rift between us

4). We have invited our non-instrumental brothers and sister to join us in


--Half of the main speakers and half of the workshop presenters are from our

fellow Christian in the non-instrumental group

3. Because of that and because it needs to be heard, this message is proclaimed

C. Some of you might be wondered what a Pharisee is

1. Pharisees were a distinctive group of Jewish leaders who lived during Jesus’ time

2. They originated with good intentions

a. They were concerned with the purity of the Jewish people in living the life God

had called them to live

b. They had a passion and desire to know, live, and teach the Law of God given to


c. However, they degenerated into a group that was primarily interested in outward

appearances but not an inward relationship with God

3. Understand one important thing: not all Pharisees were bad

--some of them lived with right intentions

a. But because many were self-righteous and bigoted, Jesus lumped them all into

one group

b. Some of Jesus’ harshest words were directed to the Pharisees and some of His

most scathing denunciations were delivered to the Pharisees

D. I assume that the words of Jesus in Matthew 23 when He spoke to and about the

Pharisees will speak for themselves, and that we will all be open to the words of Jesus

1. I’m praying that God will use me to lead in a time of self-examination

2. I’m also praying that if you find yourself in this message, you will hear God’s

conviction on your life and that you will heed its warnings

3. If you don’t find yourself in this message, simply listen so that when the urge to be

a Pharisee strikes, and it will, you’ll be a little better prepared to deal with it

4. Here are some indicators that you might be a Pharisee...

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