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Summary: We are marked as priests!

“You Need A Blood Bath”

Text: Exodus 29:19-21; Luke 17:11-19(doesn’t matter how far off you are if you call on him he will respond)

If I asked you right now how many of you want to be anointed I would think that almost all if not everyone would raise their hands. We all covet the anointing because it is that anointing that makes us better. If you sing, you want to be anointed because it makes your sing better. If you preach, you want to be anointed because it makes you preach better. If you play ball, do business, work in the medical field, or teach in a classroom you want the anointing because it makes you better. It makes you more effective, more successful. Even if you fight you want to be anointed. How many boxers claim God’s favor on their performance? Samson understood this. Anoint me one last time. The anointing applied to natural abilities and giftings makes us better than we really are.

And the fact is I want you to be anointed. If there ever was a generation that we need to be anointed and power filled it is this one. We are in desperate need of young men and women who have the more than talent, more than ability, more than giftings. We need you to operate at a higher level of excellence, power, and deliverance than ever. We need you to be able to walk into demonic, hopeless, and impossible, against all odds situation in business and bring breakthrough. We need you to be able to stand up, take a mic and produce a sound that will set drug addicts free. We need an anointed Word to rise up in you that will set a generation on its ear and bring about moral, economic, social, and political revolutions. We need you to have the anointing.

However, too many of us are like the 9 lepers who encountered Jesus. They wanted His anointing with no relationship. Just let me experience your power, but don’t go any deeper than that. Tommy Tenney calls spiritual pornography. Cheap thrills without intimacy or relationship. We want to preach we just don’t want any discipline. We want to sing just no consecration. We want the favor without the fervor.

I am here to declare to you that you cannot experience the anointing without going through the appropriate process. Exodus shows us very clearly that before you can apply the oil you must first apply the blood. I am here to tell you that what you really need is a blood bath. More than we need you to be anointed we need you to be bloody. Some of you look anointed, but I would rather that you look bloody. Oil follows blood not the other way around. The oil cannot and will not go where the blood has not gone.

We must go through the process. In order for us to get the oil we must first apply the blood as describe in Exodus 29. In Exodus 29 we find the prescribed method of consecrating a pries. I Peter 2:19 tells us that whether we like it or not we are priests. As priests we must go through the purification process in order to be useful and anointed. See we are convinced that blood only relates to and is good for sin in our life. Blood also consecrating us. However, we find out that we should also apply the blood to three major areas of our life. The instruction is to apply the blood to the lobe of our right ear, the tip of the right thumb, and the tip of the right big toe.

1. Our Ear

In order for you to be anointed you must consecrate your ears. How can you continually hear from God when your ears are constantly being inundated with every manor of evil and vulgarity? Applying the blood to the ear signified that everything heard must be dedicated to God. I am convinced that most of our struggles and temptations come from unconsecrated ears. What we allow into our ears we allow into our spirit. That is why Philippians 4:8 charges us to only think on pure, lovely, things of good report. There is no wiggle room there. There is no style allowances made. There is no ability to compartmentalize what we feed our spirit. If it doesn’t fall into one of these areas it is off limits. Again in 2 Timothy 2:16 we are instructed, “Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly.” The only way to avoid the chatter is to consecrate your ears.

It is time that we apply the blood of Christ to our ears and make sure that what fills our ears, which will also fill our mind, glorifies the Father. The next time you flip on the radio or TV or when someone around you begins to badmouth you or others, remember that your ears have been set apart to listen only to God’s voice.

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