Summary: Sooner or later your gonna face a giant, and if you quit every time problems come then you’ll never be anything for God!

“ You’ll never defeat the giant, unless

you first conquer the lion and the bear.”

Text: 1 Samuel Ch 17:32-51

Intro: Everyone here surely has heard the story of “David and Goliath.” Probably more than once. Its a pretty good book to read to our children, It teaches them that no matter what comes up Gods able to bring them through. It

also teaches us That the God that we serve, the battle belongs to him.

I. Consider David

This young man that came off of the shepards field , didn’t come off of the field unprepared. While he was there probably not doing what he wanted to do, while he was tending to the flock his brothers were out in the war. He probably had rather been a soldier.

- his brothers were hiding, but David was ready to fight!

And this is probably because of what happened while he was tending the sheep.

1. David had Confidence!

The confidence David had came by what God helped him do while taking care of the sheep.

* the bible says that there came out a lion and a bear and it

taken one of the sheep!

- The enemy is not afraid of the flock

2. The lion

the lion came and took a lamb out of the flock, not away from the flock! Also he took the lamb while the Shepard was still present!

*The enemy don’t stop at the backdoor of the church!

*The enemy don’t stop just because were Pentecostals, or because were saved or because were filled with the Holy Ghost.

-The bible says in 1st Peter

“That he is as a roaring lion , seeking whom he may devour.”

A. a lion is a Fierce Beast, and a tremendous beast but the

thing that is so fearful about the lion is its roar!

- Well isn’t that just like the Devil? He makes us Fearful

He talks to us and persuase us that we cannot conquer.

so we find that the lion came in the presence of the flock also in the presence of the shepard.

verse 35 “ and I went after him”

I’ve heard people say “ I’ve been running from the devil all day long.”

Well maybe that’s the problem, why don’t you go after him!!

-folk, you’ll never get anywhere running from your problems, nor your situations, nor your burdens, you’ll never conquer anything by running from them, but the best thing to do is run to them and conquer them!

B. Proverbs. 30:30 says that the lion is the strongest

among the Beast. It also tells us that he is destructive.

- the enemy is out to destroy you, he is out to kill you!

Judges 14:8 says he is Strong, and destructive

“ You’ll never be able to stand against the greatest offence until you first conquer these small battles in your life. Because every battle you go through, it prepares you for a bigger and greater one.”

Somebody said preacher i want to live a life for God where there are not no problems or no sorrows and no troubles, well me too!

I haven’t found that yet! But every battle, every hardship, it makes me look over my shoulder and say the same God That brought me through that Will bring me through this one.

And David was able to say that!!!

But the objective of the enemy is to plant fear in your heart.

“I’m going down”, “I’m not going to make it”

If he can plant a seed to make you think that your not going to make it! but folk i come to tell your tonight That

“greater is he that is in me than he who is in the world!!”

You Gotta conquer your lion!

You Gotta conquer your bear!

Or you’ll never win the battle with the Giant!!

And sooner or later your gonna face a giant, and if you quit every time problems come then you’ll never make it

We can’t turn and run!

* David said “I’m able’. I’m qualified”

To take down the Giant.

- David tells saul about the lion and bear!

-It was confidence!

And im confident to know that what God said he’ll do

he’s gonna Do!

- There’s no place to stop!

- Just keep on marching!

- keep on praying!

- put your hand in God’s hand

-Gods gonna give you victory, Gods gonna reign triumph upon you.

And you’ll be able to stand against the advesary the devil!

A. Illustration of boxing and Basketball.

-where a boxer got knocked down in the 5th and 6th round but got up and ended up winning the match.

-where a basketball team came out of halftime down by 20 points and still came back to win!

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