Summary: Jesus loves children and uses the children as an example of how to enter the kingdom of heaven.

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Walkin’ with Jesus:

Young at Heart

Scripture Text: Mark 10.13-16


Kids! They burp, …they toot, …they laugh, …they cry ~ …and some of us-adults wish that they’d just, grow-up already!


There’s a part of me that’s-that-way. I’m not-really-sure what-to-do with kids. It doesn’t-come-naturally to-me. During our-stint in seminary~ …we’d do-our-time, …as volunteers our local church’s church-nursery. And I grew-to-have a great-admiration for my wife ~ …how she’d get-down-on-the-floor, …and play with the kiddo’s. The floor always looked so-far-down, to-me! Besides, I didn’t know what-to-do once I got down there! I was so-immersed in my deep-theological reading ~ …and these little-critters couldn’t-care-less about Barth or Brueggemann! They didn’t care about theories of the atonement! I couldn’t-even talk-with-them about the cartoon Martin Luther drew of the Pope!

The little-girls wanted me to play dollies; …and the boys wanted to race trucks and make engine-noises. The best thing I came up with was to pull-out these large-cardboard-building-blocks ~ …they looked like large bricks. And I’d try to get the kids to build tall towers… Now-that-I-think-about-it…I was kinda-like the engineers who gave-oversight to the building of the Tower of Babel!

But, I’d try to get them to build the tower as-tall-as-they-could. I’d even lift-them-up, …once the tower got-taller than they could reach. And we’d build the thing all-the-way-up to the ceiling. It was grand! I felt like, finally… we’ve accomplished something in the nursery! And I took a some-pride in organizing the little-kiddo’s and channeling-their-energy in a constructive-way!

But do-ya-know what always happened ~ …and sometimes there was hardly-time to relish our accomplishment ~ …do-ya-know what the kids did after the building-blocks got so-high?

Yep!... They knocked-it-down! It-was-like they couldn’t-wait to demo-the-building. I think that they only-reason why they went-along-with my suggestion to build-a-tall-tower ~ …I think they just-went-along-with-it, so-that they could give it a good-whack, …and watch the blocks tumble-to-the-floor in a great-big-crash!

I guess this-is-confession-time: I confess that there are times when I get so-wrapped up in the adult-world ~ …with adult-thoughts, …and adult-worries, …and adult-concerns ~ …sometimes I get so-wrapped-up in the world-of-adults, …that I have little-appreciation for children ~ …and the things that make childhood, …childhood! Kids are silly. Kids are imaginative. Sometimes kids are temperamental. Kids are short-sighted… They’re in-it for the moment. And they’re not all-that-interested in the world-of-ideas or the responsibilities that weigh on-us-adults.

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