Summary: when we learn how to give God some Praise everything we need is in our praise

Psalm 50: 14-15& 23

Your deliverance is in the praise

Many times we will run into or upon someone that will say that deliverance is for the Pentecostal people. Which is truly wrong it is for all of Gods children? I even had some people to tell me that it don’t take all of that to p raise the lord. So I tell them that the bible says “enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his court with praise. Be thankful and just bless his name.” All I am saying is that I have come to the realization to why I am here. I do believe pastor Nard it needs to be the desire to every believer to discover what Gods purpose for that individual. There are many that have been around a long time. Yet has discovered what God put them here to do. Well let me stop to tell you. You were created to praise him. There has been time in your life because of our humanist, we feel like praise is not necessary. But , the Holy Ghost will have me to tell you that praises is always in order. Now the psalmist was written to the pilgrim of Zion. He was writing to encourage them to avoid hypocrisy. God is now upset because we have deviated from the original program. And we began to implement our own program. So, God in our text calls for an account to be given. Due to what 1 have discover throughout biblical history is that everybody that follow him did not follow him for the right reason. Some follow him out of curiosity. They were curious of what he was going to do next. Some follow him to try to get the goods on him. You need to be careful whom you let know all your business. The person you think is close to you will be the one that will hurt you. I have discovered that there was very few that has the desire to serve him. Some people who come to church week after week don’t come to praise his name. There is many confess to loving the lord, but their action shows otherwise. Whatever we do for Christ we need to let it be for real. You know that real true genuine praise. In our text 1 found out that the lord desire true worship. I have also found out that there cannot be no worship until there is a relationship. So 1 encourage every believer to estab1sh a relationship with God. Because, you need to know him for yourself. In 2OO7, God will have us to worship him even the more than we did in 2OO6. In this text the writer has encourage us to praise the lord. He is saying that everyone needs to praise the lord right now. (14&15)

Lets look at three areas of praise. Then I am going to leave you alone.

1st of all you ought to have pre-praise. Pre-praise means before trouble comes. Just as sure as you live trouble will has your address. So when you don’t even think about it just praise the lord. Just say lord this praise is for what ever comes to try to destroy me. I am going to give you the praise in advance for the victory that is already won for me. For the bible, the battle is not yours it is the lord. And since, the battle is his I already know that I have the victory. So I will praise him in advance. If you have never been in trouble just keep saying good morning. So, we need to learn how to make God happy and that’s by praising him. We have to praise him before trouble comes. When we learn how to praise him before trouble come we worry less. When we learn how to praise him before trouble come we will not have sleepless night. When we learn how to praise him before the trouble come our head don’t ache as bad. If you have pre-praise, you will know that there is no problem to hard for God. I just come to say praise him. Your finance, kids, relationship, ministry was In trouble all of 2006. I need to tell you to praise him.

2nd we are to have some present-praise. He says in the days of trouble, when it seem like nothing is going right. When it seems all hope is gone. How many times have you found yourself at the crossroad of I don’t know what to do. When you have pre-praise what happen is that relationship on the inside of you. The Holy Ghost will begin to reveal to you that once you get in trouble, That God promise to be a present help. Since God promise is good. He is a man that he shall not lie. So, if you establish relationship and praise him before the dark days comes he is right there. Somebody is going through something and you can’t find anything to shout about. By the POWER of God and the gift of the Holy Ghost I come to deliver the mail to you and let you know that God is getting ready to break the devil off of your back. I here in my spirit, that the people of God will not live a defeated life. We shall not be broke always. We shall not be sick always. I hear David saying in the book of psalm I shall not die but I shall live. And since I have a desire to live I will praise the lord at all time and he praises shall continually be in my mouth. Not only do you need pre- praise and present-praise.

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