Summary: Don't be fooled, you're dreams are NOT dead. Jesus came to bring life to those dead places in your life.


Does it look like your dreams are dead?

Does it look like the promises of God will never happen to you?

Your dreams are NOT dead, just asleep!

Story of Jarius' daughter, a little girl about 12 years old. Jesus challenged their faith and said to them: " Don't be afraid, just believe."

(Luke 8:49-56)

Let me read the story to you today!

My Thoughts: Its obvious to everyone present there..... that their daughter, their only child is indeed DEAD!

A Devastating report!!!

But God tells them NOT to be afraid, but instead to believe that she would be HEALED.

In other words, the parents DREAM, their little girl was not dead, but their DREAM needed a healing!

Sometimes PEOPLE tell us our situation is HOPELESS!!, that our DREAMS are dead!

But God's reality for you is different and better than the world's viewpoint!

v. 52...STOP WAILING! A house full of wailing people.

Jesus didn't see their daughter as DEAD, thats why he told them to stop wailing...."shes NOT dead, she just asleep."

Don't wail at your circumstances,

It shows you don't believe that God can bring success to it.

STOP feeling unsuccessful, or a failure because we haven't seen our dreams come true yet!

Your dreams are just asleep!!


Today God is challenging you NOT GIVE UP.....

no matter what, in spite of what is going on around you.

You will see your miracle if you TRUST GOD!.

You see...God is a God of Hope. That's his name Jehovah "Yaw-chal" -God of Hope.

Romans 15: 13

So I pray that God who gives you hope, will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in him.

May you overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I understand.... sometimes our circumstances can be a crushing blow to our faith. The pain can be so great and its HARD to keep hoping!

We want to run away from the dream because were afraid we will be crushed again!

However...Paul reminds us Christians to keep hoping in Jesus. He is writing your story.

It's a story of HOPE

He holds your dreams!

Begin to talk with Him. He hears your prayers and cries.

He always has something good for you! He loves you!

Try this....Open the Bible and read the promises of God in the pages. Those are promises Christ wrote for YOU!

He said he will never leave us or forsake or abandon us.

As you read the promises, you will receive faith to believe in God.

It will mirror back the truth back to you.

Then you will see He is a good Father to you. He has a good destiny for you! not a bad destiny.

Phil 1:6 God who began a good work in you , will be faithful to complete it.

You are part of HIS-story! Good and bad.

So, if your dreams are dead right now, or you feel beyond HOPE,

I want to encourage YOU that you are on a verge of a miracle today! He wants to awaken your dreams.

Stop wailing, tell others you are no longer going to believe negative things concerning you.

Jesus had to tell the people, "STOP WAILING- SHES NOT DEAD, SHES ONLY ASLEEP!


Step away from those WAILERS!!!!! Jesus did.

He left them.

When the negative comes, FLIP IT, think positive!! FLIP it good!

v. 54 Jesus says....Get up, my child! He spoke life to her....he said GET UP. Don't stay where you are any longer, cause thats a place of death!

That moment her life returned to her. She was healed.

Her dreams were made alive, Her parents dream was made alive again.

Jesus says the same to you today....get up my child, I want your life and dreams to be restored!

Believe that He loves you.

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave his only son and whoever believes in him will NOT perish or suffer, but have EVERLASTING life.

Jesus has plans to prosper you to give you a HOPE and a future. He has plans and hopes and dreams for you. Jeremiah 29:11

Believe His promises in the Bible today! God does not lie. He loves you, He has a destiny all planned for you and wants to include YOUR dreams.

He gave you those dreams in your heart!

You are a valuable treasure to him. He made you an ORIGINAL DESIGN, in His image.

You please him and make Him happy.

He is a Father of love and has provided good things for all who want that!

But...ask yourself this today.... Is He YOUR Father?

Have you invited him to be YOUR Papa?

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