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Summary: We celebrate out Nations birthday, but it is really a celebration of our freedom. It is about what the Lord has done in our life and what He diesires still to do in our lives.

Your independent freedom

Luke chapter 4:1-13


The celebration of our Nation’s birthday is really a celebration of freedom.

We celebrate it because others have paid a price for us to enjoy it.

Freedom is not free, it is expensive. It is of great value.

Our founding fathers thought it so important they left their families, jobs, their country and risked their lives.

Today we can worship because men and women risked their lives to maintain freedom for us.


A father was talking to his rebellious son one day, and said, “every person who lives in the United States is a privileged person. The boy answered, “I disagree” And the father relied, that is the privilege you enjoy.

I wonder if that is not the problem in America today.

Most have not earned the freedom they enjoy.

Most didn’t fight for it. It did not cost us anything.

Most reap what we did not sow

Most are sheltered by roofs they did not build.

The soul of America should be God. And we are in danger of losing our soul!

Turn with me to Luke chapter 4:1-13

When it comes to temptation, we say or at least we act like the devil made me do it.

Truth is the devil cannot make you do anything! He’s clever. He knows our weaknesses, but he is not all powerful.

We claim to have Christ in our lives, but many live defeated lives.

Many believe in the power of God, but do not evidence Him in their lives.

If you truly want to be free from all, I repeat all that has tied you down in your life, this message is for you.

God can set you free, but if you give it back to the devil, then you are a fool.

Jesus gives us examples how we can get victory over temptations and our weaknesses.

If Satan tested Jesus, you can bet that you will be tempted.

I want to set this text up for us this morning. Jesus was heading into a wilderness experience, but He is not doing it on His own. He is full of the Holy Spirit.

(1) He has come from the river where He was baptized, where His heavenly Father has given to the world His approval that this is His Son whom He is well pleased.

Jesus has been in the presence and power of God the Father.

He has fasted 40 days for the power of God to be active in His life.

If you are going to have any chance to win over the devil, it will only be in the power of God working in your life.

Some of you have been praying maybe even begging God for something and have not seen results. God says some things only come from fasting and praying.

Some of you are taking on the devil with a stick and getting the snot beat out of you, and you are discouraged.

Some of us have been riding a spiritual high and wham! Suddenly we find ourselves tormented and attacked.

Jesus was on a high. Baptized, full of Holy Spirit, spent time with the Father, and here comes the devil to attempt to steal what was given to Him.

3 ways the devil tried to do that

(1) v3- “If you are the Son of God, tell the stone to become bread.” (Take His eyes off the Father and put them on Himself)

First thing that happens is the bait is put before us.

He knows our habits.

He knows our hangouts.

He knows our weaknesses.

The correct bait will get us hooked. (If not led by the Lord)

William McDonald

The purpose of the temptation was not to see if he would sin, but to prove that he could not sin. Only a holy sinless man could be our redeemer.

Jesus was not ever in danger of sinning, but if that possibility was never there, it would not be a test.

God does not tempt us, but He does allow us to be tempted, not to see if we won’t sin, because He knows we are weak.

He does it to see if we will have victory because the sinless holy one that redeemed us allows us to have victory because of the all powerful presence of the Holy Spirit working in our lives that conquered sin, the grave, and has defeated Satan in our lives.

He tried to catch Jesus at a weak moment. (Okay Son of God, doesn’t even deny it.) Turn this stone to bread.

Trust yourself rather than trust God the Father to supply all your needs.

The second way he tempts him is (v5) “The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, I will give you all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to.”

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