Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon helps the hearer develop their relationship with God in order to be a light shining in this dark world.

“Your Life as a Light”

Matthew 5:14-16

Begin by playing “Waiting for the Light to Shine” from “Big River”

Big River is my most favorite musical. In this story, Huck Finn is making his way through life and waiting for the “Light” to shine that will tell him what life is all about. Just as Huck is waiting for the light to shine, there are people in our community and workplace that are waiting for that same light to shine in their lives. Our scripture today tells us that we need to be that light!

Read Matthew 5:14-16

In order to be the light that the dark world needs we must have a light source of our own. We must have not only accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior but we must have a continuing relationship with Him. Have you ever thought of your life as being a light?

I want to give you a four familiar examples of the type of light you may be. While we talk about these light sources I want you to consider which one fits your life the most.

4 Types of Light

I. Flashlight

A flashlight is a good source of light for quick emergencies. How many of you have at least one flashlight in your house? Car? Some women carry flashlights on their key rings or in their pocketbooks. I even saw a flashlight this morning on a mans belt as he came into church. When you are stuck in the dark even a little flashlight would be handy to have. Much like a lost person living in this dark world would need even a little light to guide them the Jesus. A little light goes a long way when it is dark. Are you a flashlight for God? Before you answer that let me share some problems the flashlight poses.

Problems with the flashlight:

1) You have too much control.

A. You choose who you light the way for.

B. Sometimes it has prejudice behind it.

C. It only shines where you allow it to shine

D. You can turn it off and on.

2) It is usually for your eyes only.

A. It is unidirectional.

B. For another person to see the light they have to stand behind you.

C. It focuses attention away from you. Our scripture said that you are to be a light that will cause people to look at you and see Jesus in you.

3) It can be blinding when you shine it at people.

4) There is an end to the beam.

II. Spotlight

A spotlight has much the same qualities as the flashlight and also the same problems. However, there is a much brighter light with a wider and further reaching beam.

III. A candlestick

Now we are getting to a light that really does a person some good. When you light a candle and set it up on it’s stand, it actually displaces the darkness around it. If we were to be having this service at night and I had the lights turned off this candle would be enough light for me to at least see your faces and if left it up here you would be able to see me well. It shines its light all around giving off plenty of light for penetrating the dark world. If we all had a candle the darkness in the room would be completely displaced. Think about how bright our world would be if only every Christian would allow their light to shine as this candle. If you were in a dark room with this candle lit, the glow would draw your attention to the light source not away from it like the flashlight and spotlight. This is the kind of light Jesus was telling us to be. The kind of light that will draw peoples focus to the source of the light. However, there are still a few problems with the candle.

Problems with the candle:

1) It is too easily extinguished.

A. Wind

B. Wax

C. Wear

2)There are limits to how widespread the light will be.

And finally let me share with you the kind of light that we all should be for God. We need to be a lifesaving light.

IV. A lighthouse

A lighthouse is a light with purpose. Simply to save lives! It draws focus to the source of the light. There is a chance that the light from the lighthouse will begin to dim but there is a keeper of the lighthouse that will be ready at the first sign of dimming to come and regenerate the light. The keeper will make sure that the reflectors and windows are always clean allowing those in the dark to clearly see the light. This light can be seen from miles around and everyone knows that it is there for safety.

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