Summary: Many Christian minds are mixed up! We must apply intelligence to who we claim to be!

Your Mind Can Play Tricks on You! Jesus stops them! Kelly Durant


What do you see here, a lamp, or 2 people? And old lady, or a young one?

Somebody once said that people’s minds are all like cement, all mixed up and permanently set! You know cement is mixed with water and it is soft then it gets firmly hard!

This is a true statement for most Christians’ minds as well as the people of the world. Many millions of Christians are out there, but many millions are not in Gods’ standard.

The reality is most of us do not want to use our minds much, we are lazy! Most of us avoid telling others about our faith because we are afraid of the question why? We do not want to make our minds to work to answer questions like..

Why are you a Christian, anyway?

Why did you decide to be a Salvation Army Soldier?

Why do you go to the Salvation Army church and give them your time & support?

As we get older, like the young woman that you see as old in the picture we must use our minds more!

You should do mind exercises, and play games, and ask yourself questions that help you develop apologetics. Apologetics is your ability to defend the word of God from answers you have investigated ahead of time. I hope you pray & study what is in your mind, you must know the answers to difficult questions. To study God’s word requires intense brain work! Do you honor God with all your brain, or mind?

We all may have different answers as to how and why we became a Christian. Here is an answer I hope will serve as an example to why you choose this church. I would answer…

“I chose to be a Christian because Jesus gave me peace of mind, gives me hope for a coming heaven, and He changed my selfish sinful nature. I choose the Salvation Army because it is a holy, uncompromised Christian church that still teaches and practices the truth in the Bible. I consider their members around the world to be outstanding and dedicated examples of compassion in their communities each one impacting thousands of lives around where they live. They are willing to serve the homeless, the addicts, and the poor. The majority of Soldiers & Officers effectively model Jesus’ life of loving compassion taking the gospel of Jesus salvation to others through kind deeds of service and suffering hearts get converted and healed. I am proud that the 3,000,000 members worldwide, one soldiers, and 2 more as volunteers are united with the same visions & goals”.

Let’s examine the scripture from Proverbs 23:7

7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee:

What does it say? It simply says that as you think, that is how you are!

You will act out what you think either good or bad, you will deceive those nearby, so how you think determines everything in life!

Many people have many ideas on what makes them a Christian. There are people believe you must be antiabortion, and a series of beliefs may be near you, but there are some extreme ways of thinking that may put them worlds apart from you! Like the Mormon in court last week who defends the idea of have many young girls as brides, and in his defense he cursed those that were persecuting him! And why is he so confused, because many Christians have not yet applied their brain to analyze if they really live out what they claim to follow!

Here is an example of flawed thinking. My son, Eman, did some local missions trips to some Corps in some small towns in Georgia about 6 years ago. Some are small Corps with 12 white members in the middle for black neighborhoods. His mission was to help with VBS and get the local people to visit the Corps but in a few places the Officers said, oh no, we can’t invite the local kids, the ones that come won’t like it!

A Christian is a follower of who? Of Christ! If you have your mind totally transformed to the point that you think like Jesus, then you are a true Christian! And this means you are non conformed to the world in any manner because the world calls evil good and good evil, If you are thinking like Jesus you will be doing loving acts of kindness as Jesus did and telling ALL others of the Kingdom of God, of heaven and hell as much as possible.

And Christ had whose mind? What does John 10:30 say?

30 I and my Father are one.

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