Summary: Like the man that was paralized, there are times we can’t help ourselves, that is when we must get the help of the four friends of faith!


Mk. 2:1-12

Tell your neighbor “Your miracles in the house!”

Jesus came to Capernaum and entered a house.

Q- Who’s house was it?

Nobody knows.

I’d love for Jesus to come to my

· House

· Job

· Family

· Church

If we can get Jesus into the house, we’ll have no problem filling the house!

Jesus filled the house without

· Singing

· Microphone

· Bozo the clown, or Foo-foo the dog

Ill.-Call a church prayer meeting, 2 or 3 will show up

Call a church dinner, meet people you haven’t seen in months

CEO Christians (Christmas Easter Only)

Church, lets get Jesus back in the house!!

The Bible says that Christ came in and He preached.

Q- Wouldn’t you love to hear Jesus preach?

People got hooked on His preaching.

Peter said, “…where can we go…you alone have the words of life.”

His preaching caused cities to be filled, till they had to go to the desert for lack of room.

Jesus spoke with authority and with power.

He preached till

· Storms were slain in the Spirit

· Dead men came leaping out of the tomb

He was the greatest of all preachers.

Not because of His delivery, but because of His results.

Results are the mark of real preaching.

Not style, not great swelling words, not the inflection of your voice with every adjective and adverb.

1Cor. 2:4 “…my speech and my preaching was not in enticing words of mans wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and power.”

Lord, give us a demonstration today!

This man on the stretcher was in great need. He was afflicted with palsy, paralyzed, he could move or help himself.

Q- Is there anyone here today with a great need?

I can just hear this man talking to his four friends.

“Guys, I’ve heard that Jesus is down at ______ . And I know that I can’t get there myself. But if you all will get me there, I know I’ll be healed.”

Q- Who were these four men, four friends?

The Bible doesn’t name them. But in my spirit, I can hear the paralyzed man call out their names.

These are four friends we need to employ today. Four friends that we need to get to know, or reacquainted with. Four friends that will always get us to Jesus.

Four Friends Of Faith.

1. Aymoon

This guy was always talking crazy.

He was always calling “…those things that are not, as though they were.”

His name in Hebrew meant faith.

This man said “Faith will get me to Jesus!”

You see friend, if you can get hold of faith nothing will be impossible to you!

(Have someone read Mk.11:23,24 and Isa. 46:9,10)

Faith has a voice!

Tell somebody “Faith has a voice!”.

You have to speak to the mountain of

· Sickness

· Divorce

· Lack

· Debt

· Poverty

· Confusion

Your mountain will never move till you activate your faith with your voice!

Mk. 11:23

· Saith three times

· Beleiveth one time

You’ve got to do three times the speaking your faith, than believing your faith.

It may sound foolish to those who are not facing mountains, to speak to mountains. But to those of us who are- it works!

Our faith takes us to our miracle!

(Have someone read Heb. 11:6 and Jude 20)

Q- How many here need your faith built up?

Throw your hands up and begin to pray in the Holy Ghost!

2. Rhema

This guy was always speaking the Word.

His name in Greek meant revelation of Gods Word, coming alive in your spirit.

Without the Word in you, you will fail every time you try to reach your miracle.

The paralyzed man knew that the Word would work, and he let the Word carry him to Jesus.

Your words have power!

“…power of life and death are in the tongue.”

When you get a Word on the problem your facing, it is the Word that unlocks the door to your

· $ Breakthrough

· Families salvation

· Spiritual deliverance

· Physical healing

Ill.- Betty Baxter story. Born with a curve in her spine. Every vertebra was out of place, the bones were twisted and matted together, her mother read her a scripture, “…all things are possible to them that believeth…”, eight words built faith in her heart to believe for her healing, later that month Jesus came to her and said “I am going to heal you completely August 24th, Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock.”, tried to tell her mother but the Lord had already told her the same thing, “Mom, listen to me. I haven’t had a dress on or shoes on my feet since I was a little girl. I have worn these nightclothes all these years. Mom, when Jesus heals me Sunday afternoon I’m going to church Sunday night. The stores are closed on Sunday. Mom, if you really believe Jesus is going to heal me, will you go to Fairmont this afternoon and get me some new clothes?”, people from her church came that afternoon to her house and were praying, at precisely 3:00 o’clock Jesus came in her room- laid his hands on her- the bones cracked and popped- she stood upright and healed.

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commented on Aug 24, 2007

I have never seen this scripture explained to me like this. Please put me into your mailing list.

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