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Summary: There have been some people, because of their pedigree, who were destined for greatness the moment they were born. Such is the case with Jesus Christ, who surpasses them all in greatness and power!

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But Jesus chose to be a shepherd. Not a literal one, Jesus never raised sheep as far as we know, but he was a shepherd much like his ancestor David who had very humble beginnings as well. While David’s brothers were off fighting Philistines and earning for themselves military honors, young David was fighting different battles of his own. To protect helpless sheep, David risked his life, killing ferocious beasts like lions and bears.

And we, the helpless flock of God’s church, need Jesus to be a shepherd for us. For it would be a courageous but stupid sheep who said to his shepherd, "no thanks, I think I’ll take care of this bear on my own." And we would be pretty foolish if we thought that we could handle Satan’s attacks on our own. But you don’t have to. Jesus is not only your brother, but he’s your shepherd, the one looking around, and making sure that no harm comes to your soul. Micah prophesied this work of Jesus when he said, "He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord."

Part IV

Jesus is a ruler from humble beginnings, he is fully human, and he’s a shepherd. And Micah says that he’s also one other thing: a conqueror.

The end of verse 4 says, "and they will live securely, for then his greatness will reach the ends of the earth." There’s been a lot of talk about national security in the past few years. People want our government to do everything it can to protect its citizens from violent people. This security includes extra checks at the airports. There are some people suggesting that we station our military troops on our borders to give us more security from violent people illegally sneaking into our country. And while we all want our government to do everything possible it can, in human terms, we can never have perfect security. People make mistakes, people can’t possibly know everything that’s going on. People don’t have full knowledge on how our enemies think and plan.

That’s why it’s so great that our Newborn King brings us one other blessing: security. Because these things that prevent us from having total security from our enemies aren’t an issue with Jesus. Jesus is all-knowing. Jesus is all-powerful. Jesus is all-loving. Jesus is the perfect guardian for your body and soul. And his rule lasts forever.


Jesus was destined for greatness the minute he was born. The Bible said for centuries before his birth the astounding things he would do with his life. But Christ’s greatness doesn’t lie in him exalting himself, instead Jesus has shown his greatness by doing the unthinkable: by making wretched sinners like us heirs of heaven and co-rulings with him for all eternity. As you prepare to leave this Christmas Season behind for another year, remember what Christmas is all about: it’s about Jesus becoming nothing so that you would have everything. It’s about Jesus becoming a slave so that you would be a king or queen. Yes, Jesus, our Newborn King, is great because he makes us great. Amen.

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David Freshour

commented on Dec 9, 2006

Powerful and thought provoking. Hits many felt needs that won't be talked about in most churches at Christmas. It's a winner!

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