Summary: When we share the good news with a smile it brings life,  It brings joy,  it brings happiness and good health to others. A smile can  spread happiness, start a friendship and dissolve an argument.

Your smile makes a difference!

The book of Proverbs 15:30 says :

"A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health."

An online dictionary describes cheerful as an act of smiling and laughing.

From the above verse it is very obvious that smiling has an important role to play in our life as Christian.

One of the greatest commission of a Christian is to share the good news and I believe one of the best way to deliver the good news is through our smile. When we share the good news with a smile it brings life, It brings joy, it brings happiness and good health to others as stated in our text. A smile can spread happiness, start a friendship and dissolve an argument.

As well as the Bible has stated the importance of smiling, Scientific research has also shown that smiling, is contagious and can stimulate happiness even when you are really not up for it.


1)Release stress & Calms down.

Stress is hazardous to your health! When you let your stress levels continually increase you can always bring it down by smiling. Think about a funny episodes of your life that will make you smile.

2) Lift others spirit.

I read a quote that says "everyone you meet along the way has a battle they are fighting so be kind to everyone" . Your smile can make someone overcome their depression, anger, pain, anxiety etc. When you smile at someone you will make them smile back at you.

3) Great social network.

Smile is a great ice - breaker that allows you to connect to people easily.

Am generally not very good at making friends but because of my smile I've been able to draw people to myself beyond normal

4) Enhance your Business/ministry/institution

I recent read a post that said "you can train your staff on all sorts of customer service skills but you can never train them how to smile. to run a successful business you need to employ people that will naturally smile" . I believe this is also applicable to Churches, ministry, schools and other public institutions. we need a smily team if we want to be successful. We need a smily team if we want to bring people to the kingdom of God .I like it when people say hiya with a smile followed by, are you OK and not hiya with a frowning face.

I believe there is someone out there waiting for you to change their thought of anxiety, pain, Suicide, depression, anger, loneliness etc. By just flashing a smile

There are people out there that can afford to buy silver and gold but there is something money cannot buy that is missing in their life's, they have no joy, no happiness and no peace. They are waiting for you to flash a smile.

They are people out there who have not known Jesus . They are waiting for you to share the gospel to them cheerfully. They are waiting for you to introduce Jesus to them with a smile.

It could be your neighbour, your church person, colleague, or even a stranger. All these people are waiting for you to make a difference in their life.

Make a difference in someone's life today flash a smile!

If you have not yet given your life to Jesus please do so by confessing your sins to Him and pray this short prayer.

( I thank you Lord for dying for me on the cross, I confess my sins today, forgive me Lord and give me the power to sin no more in Jesus name. Amen)


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