Summary: We must have the courage to lead graciously.


Nehemiah 7:1-73

S: Courage

Th: Brave Hearts


?: How?

KW: Principles

TS: We will find in our study of Nehemiah 7:1-73,

seven principles that demonstrate how one leads graciously.

The _____ principle is…






VI. PURITY (61-65)


Version: ESV

RMBC 02 Mar 03 AM


ILL Notebook: Leadership (call the shots)

There was a new nurse in Dr. Blake’s office. And as she was passing by his office, she heard Dr. Blake yelling, "Typhoid! Tetanus! Measles!"

Needless to say, she was taken aback by this strange occurrence. So this new nurse asked one of the more experienced nurses in the office, "Why is he doing that?"

The experienced nurse replied matter-of-factly, "Oh, he just likes to call the shots around here."

What are the characteristics you appreciate in leaders?

I think it is fair to say, we want our leaders to do more than just call the shots.

We have higher expectations than that, don’t we?

We want them to have wisdom, confidence and integrity.

And probably more than that…


As we come to our text today, we see that…

1. Context: The wall is finished!

In chapter 6, we see that Nehemiah has led the people successfully.

In 52 days, during the heat of summer, and in spite of intense opposition, the task of rebuilding and connecting the wall has been successfully completed.

The completing of the wall has been a magnificent and unforgettable achievement.

And during the time, we see that Nehemiah has been uniquely used.

Yet, God is not done with Nehemiah.

He is still a good work that God is finishing.

And as we come to our study today, we want to observe what type of leader Nehemiah has been and is becoming.

When others would crumble, Nehemiah has stood strong.

When others might be frightened and given up, Nehemiah has found strength and encouragement.

It has happened this way because Nehemiah knows how to lead.

He leads with grace.

And it is a lesson for us, for we too…


But how do we do that?


3. We will find in our study of Nehemiah 7:1-73, seven principles that demonstrate how one leads graciously.


I. The first principle is PRIORITY (1)

ILL Notebook: Priority (Barry)

Humorist Dave Barry has made an interesting comment about priorities. He says…

“If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant’s life, she will choose to save the infant’s life without even considering if there are men on base.”

Well, Nehemiah also teaches us about priorities as well…

Now when the wall had been built and I had set up the doors, and the gatekeepers, the singers, and the Levites had been appointed…

In this first verse, he establishes three priorities.

1. There was a physical need of protection.

Nehemiah realized that there was a need of regular supervision of the city’s main entrances.

The entrances would need to have guards and watchmen.

Later in this book, we will see that these guards will be entrusted with moral responsibilities as well.

They will be asked to keep the gates closed on the Shabat (Sabbath).

The physical protection will also include a moral protection for the nation.

Now comes the second priority…

2. There was a spiritual need of worship.

Nehemiah appointed singers to lead in worship.

You see, he understood that there is more to life than work and money.

It was on the heart of Nehemiah (and this is something we see over and over again) that Jerusalem have God as its priority.

He understood that worship keeps the personal life balanced.

Worship also keeps the local and national life balanced as well.

Because it is in worship that we reflect on the meaning of life.

It is in worship that we gain confidence in our faith and the assurance of forgiveness.

We need the singers, because without worship, we are reduced to the values of the godless, and we will once again become a city without walls.

Now the third priority…

3. There was an intellectual need of teaching.

Here we find that Nehemiah appointed the Levites as Israel’s teachers.

It was their responsibility to engage the minds of the Israelites and convey the great realities of the faith.

I was reminded of the importance of the repetition of study as we gave consideration of spiritual gifts this weekend with the Network seminar.

Though I have studied it many, many times in my years as a believer and as a pastor, I still walked away with new insights yesterday.


Because God’s Word is living and active.

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