Summary: The challenge is to believers about the changes we can, will and are going to go through!


Well, we've just passed New Year's... Anybody make any resolutions this year? How about any resolutions that you'd be willing to share with us?

How many of you made resolutions last year that you kept the entire year? Something about the new year makes all of us want to try and change some of those things about us that we don't really like... but we want to be in charge of what those changes are, don't we?! How many of you would like for me to decide what changes needed to take place in your life this year, and then force those on you???? Weight- study habits- the kind of people you date- the kind of clothes you wear? I don't think so! But I've got some news for you... YOU'VE ALL GOT A CHANGE COMING, WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR WANT IT, IT'S COMING IF YOU'RE A CHRISTIAN!

I. You've Got To Change!

A. I love being the dad... especially of small children... their really not big enough to talk back too bad, and even if they do, they are still small enough for me to beat... But whenever we have a disagreement over what to do, or where or when to do something, it seems like more and more we come around to the issue of "WHY?" Now, you tell me, when you ask your Mom or Dad "WHY?" , what do you hear them say, after you wake up that is...? Usually one or the other of them will say, "Because I said so!" I know I've said that before, even though I swore that I never would...

But there are times when I know I'm right, and either...

a. they really don't deserve an explanation;

b. I don't know how to explain it in terms that they'll


And you see, that's the way it is with us... on that wild and awesome day when we hear that trumpet blow, whether you and I are standing in this room together, or we've both been dead for a hundred years, OUR BODY HAS GOT TO CHANGE! WHY? Because God said so!!! It says so right here in his Word!

And maybe you and I want to know, "Well what about people whose bodies got burned up, or killed in an explosion, or eaten by sharks... OK, so maybe it's just me who thinks about those things... but still I think all of us wonder about the whats, the hows, and the whens... and you know, God doesn't really owe you and me and explanation... but more than that, I'm not sure that even if in the simplest kind of "God explanation" that could be made, that we would understand... The Scriptures tell us that "My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts; as high as the heavens are above the earth, are my ways above yours."

Does this click? Does it make sense? We've got to change just because He said so!

B. Not only that, but did you know that Jesus changed... READ Hebrews 2:14;

Jesus changed!!! His new body was recognizable, but it was different--- better--- it was incredible!

C. Maybe I should just say it like this... Square pegs don't go in round holes... READ I Corinthians 15:50... "Flesh & blood can't inherit the Kingdom of God; Perishable can't inherit Imperishable;" Square pegs don't go in round holes! It just won't work... & if you are a Christian, then you will inherit the Kingdom of God, and to inherit the Kingdom of God, that that will last forever, you must take on that that will last forever! YOU HAVE GOT TO CHANGE!

II. You're Gonna Change!

A. I know that you and I are going to change, because it's already been set...

Ronda & I have a locked firebox that we keep alot of our important papers in... and mixed in with the car titles, the birth certificates, and insurance policies, we have a couple of envelopes... each envelope contains a savings bond for Erin, and for Nathan... they were given as gifts by some of our senior adult ladies to the kids when they were born... now, savings bonds are purchased at a certain price, and then after a certain number of years, they can be redeemed for a greater value... we know that on a certain day, that Erin & Nathan will be able to redeem those savings bonds for cash... it's settled-- it's the deal that is agreed upon when the bond is purchased-- there is no question...

And the facts about you and I changing some day are just as real as, more real, than a savings bond... Jesus is the one who made the purchase for you, and He is the one who will redeem it on that day, and He is the one who will give you a new, a changed, an incredible, immortal, imperishable body!

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