Summary: The story of Zacharias and Elizabeth amazingly demonstrates God’s love as He remembers to keep His promises; and it shows that grace always goes to prepare the way for salvation.

Zach & Liz

Luke 1:11-18

Middle Age

I. Names.

A. Zacharias = God Remembers.

A. God is Remembering His Promises.

B. Elizabeth = My God Keeps His Oath.

A. God is Keeping His Oath.

C. Johanon (John) = God is Merciful.

A. Well Isn’t This One Obvious?

II. Zach.

A. Won the Lottery. v. 9

B. Visited by Gabriel (Mighty One of God).

C. Does not Believe the Message.

A. He is a Professional Priest.

B. Comes from a Family of Priests.

C. Married into a Family of Priests.

D. Israel Had Waited 400 Years for John.

E. Lost His Speech b/c of Unbelief.

D. Finally Regains Speech When He Obeys. v. 63-64

III. Liz.

A. Too Old to Have a Baby.

B. Similar Miracle to Mary - Egg Supplied by God.

C. Probably Ordered Bed Rest. v. 24

D. Comforted Mary & Filled w/the Spirit. v. 41

E. Fought to Obey the Angel. v. 60

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