Summary: 3 things Zacharias proclaimed

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Zacharias’ Praise

Luke 1:67-80

December 2000

I. Introduction

A. When you begin reading any of the gospels, you get a picture of much excitement and activity as Christ came into the world.

B. In the account we will read today, we’ll meet a couple who would become the parents of the man Jesus claimed was the greatest prophet who ever lived.

C. John the Baptist’s parents were Zacharias and Elizabeth.

1. Zacharias was John’s father, a descendent of Aaron, and part of the priesthood at the temple. Because he was a priest, he was recognized as a local community leader, but when he failed to believe what the angel Gabriel told him about John, he was stricken mute and would not talk until the day we read about today.

2. Elizabeth was John’s mother, a descendant of the priestly line, and was related to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

D. Let’s take special note of some important things Zacharias proclaimed as he prophesied of the Christ and John.

E. Read Luke 1:67-80

II. First, notice why Christ was blessed.

A. Christ was blessed because He had visited and redeemed His people.

1. These people were fully expecting a Savior. They had been awaiting His coming for hundreds of years. They had heard all their lives of this Messiah, and now it was here.

2. It had been 400 years since God had spoken to anyone earth, as though the heavens had been shut up. Now Israel was alive again as the excitement grew around the announcement of the angels.

3. Notice the past tense of the word “redeemed.” In God’s eternal plan for man, redemption had been worked out before He had ever created Adam, the first cow, the first bird, fish, or planet. Jesus truly stood as a lamb slain from the foundation of the earth.

4. All that Adam sold out in the fall; Christ would purchase back with His blood. All the Satan had ever laid claim to would now be ripped from his death grip, as Christ would come out the victor.

B. Christ was blessed because He had been raised up as a horn of salvation.

1. Notice that though God redeemed His people this does not mean that all would be saved.

2. Christ did His part; He made the way possible whereby every lost soul could be born again, every wayward son could return home.

3. Our part is to accept what Christ did on our behalf.

a. Do you know how upset I’d be if…

b. That’s why Jn. 3:18 and 36 say what they do.

C. Christ was blessed because He would save men form their enemies.

1. The Jews were looking for a national hero, one who would save them from the Romans, from the wars and attacks that had become a way of life. They wanted a Savior, but not the kind He would be. This is why the antichrist will be so easy to accept.

2. There is a very present enemy that Jesus will save us from if we allow Him to.

a. enemy of Satan-roaring lion, thief

b. enemy of death-wages of sin is death

c. enemy of empty living-what will it profit a man

d. enemy of self-there is a war that rages within

e. enemy of a corrupt world-coming kingdom age

D. Christ was blessed because He would perform the promised mercy and remember His holy covenant.

1. Abrahamic and Davidic covenants under consideration.

2. These people knew that a Savior had been promised from the beginning; in Abraham they would be blessed through the Christ. They knew that through David a king would rule and reign from Jerusalem, and in Christ all that would be fulfilled.

3. To us this means that God’s promises are sure and to be trusted.

4. Christ cannot lie; He is perfect in all His ways and will never cease to keep you in His mercy and grace.

5. This is the reason you can’t lose your salvation. God cannot lie.

E. Christ was blessed because He gives everyone of His children the opportunity to serve Him.

1. No one makes anyone serve Jesus. You do it because you love Him and want to please Him.

2. What greater privilege is there than to serve the God of Heaven?

III. Next, notice why John was blessed.

A. John was blessed because he would be eternally known as the forerunner of Jesus.

1. Jesus said in Luke 7:28, “For I say unto you, among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist.”

2. John spent His entire life fulfilling that one purpose. He committed himself to pure living, to giving away his rights to himself and to proclaiming the good news of the coming Savior.

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