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John 16 - AMP

2 They will put you out of (expel you from) the synagogues; but an hour is coming when whoever kills you will think and claim that he has offered service to God. 3 And they will do this because they have not known the Father or Me. 4 But I have told you these things now, so that when they occur you will remember that I told you of them. I did not say these things to you from the beginning, because I was with you. 5 But now I am going to Him Who sent Me, yet none of you asks Me, Where are You going? 6 But because I have said these things to you, sorrow has filled your hearts . 7 However, I am telling you nothing but the truth when I say it is profitable (good, expedient, advantageous) for you that I go away. Because if I do not go away, the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby) will not come to you ; but if I go away, I will send Him to you . 8 And when He comes, He will convict and convince the world and bring demonstration to it about sin and about righteousness (uprightness of heart and right standing with God) and about judgment: 9 About sin, because they do not believe in Me ; 10 About righteousness (uprightness of heart and right standing with God), because I go to My Father, and you will see Me no longer; 11 About judgment, because the ruler (evil genius, prince) of this world is judged and condemned and sentence already is passed upon him. 12 I have still many things to say to you, but you are not able to bear them or to take them upon you or to grasp them now. 13 But when He, the Spirit of Truth (the Truth-giving Spirit) comes, He will guide you into all the Truth (the whole, full Truth). For He will not speak His own message ; but He will tell whatever He hears , and He will announce and declare to you the things that are to come . 14 He will honor and glorify Me, because He will take of (receive, draw upon) what is Mine and will reveal (declare, disclose, transmit) it to you. 15 Everything that the Father has is Mine. That is what I meant when I said that He will take the things that are Mine and will reveal (declare, disclose, transmit) it to you. 16 In a little while you will no longer see Me, and again after a short while you will see Me. 17 So some of His disciples questioned among themselves, What does He mean when He tells us, In a little while you will no longer see Me, and again after a short while you will see Me, and, Because I go to My Father? 18 What does He mean by a little while? We do not know or understand what He is talking about. 19 Jesus knew that they wanted to ask Him, so He said to them, Are you wondering and inquiring among yourselves what I meant when I said, In a little while you will no longer see Me, and again after a short while you will see Me? 20 I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, that you shall weep and grieve, but the world will rejoice. You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will be turned into joy. 21 A woman, when she gives birth to a child, has grief (anguish, agony) because her time has come. But when she has delivered the child, she no longer remembers her pain (trouble, anguish) because she is so glad that a man (a child, a human being) has been born into the world. 22 So for the present you are also in sorrow (in distress and depressed); but I will see you again and your hearts will rejoice, and no one can take from you your joy (gladness, delight). 23 And when that time comes, you will ask nothing of Me . I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, that My Father will grant you whatever you ask in My Name . 24 Up to this time you have not asked a thing in My Name ; but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive, so that your joy (gladness, delight) may be full and complete. 25 I have told you these things in parables (veiled language, allegories, dark sayings); the hour is now coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figures of speech, but I shall tell you about the Father in plain words and openly (without reserve). 26 At that time you will ask (pray) in My Name; and I am not saying that I will ask the Father on your behalf . 27 For the Father Himself loves you because you have loved Me and have believed that I came out from the Father. 28 I came out from the Father and have come into the world; again, I am leaving the world and going to the Father. 29 His disciples said, Ah, now You are speaking plainly to us and not in parables (veiled language and figures of speech)! 30 Now we know that You are acquainted with everything and have no need to be asked questions. Because of this we believe that you came from God. 31 Jesus answered them, Do you now believe? 32 But take notice, the hour is coming, and it has arrived, when you will all be dispersed and scattered, every man to his own home, leaving Me alone. Yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me. 33 I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer ! For I have overcome the world.

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Hope for the Future
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Summary: Jesus gives his disciples hope. A sure, certain promise for the future. He’s telling them that their pain will turn to joy.
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Engage with the Holy Spirit
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"Praying...Not Preying! [Part One]
Shared by: Reverend Cooper McWhirter on Sep, 2016
Summary: “Prayer without expectancy is unbelief in disguise” “Our Daily Bread” October 1, 2008 – Matthew 7:11
T.J. Conwell avatar
From grief to joy with Christ
Shared by: T.J. Conwell on Sep, 2016
Summary: What are you trying to do on your own that you cannot overcome? Jesus has given us a promise that we should not worry, but take heart, He has already overcome the world. Will we submit to Him and allow our faith to rest in His abilities?
Series: John
T.J. Conwell avatar
The Work of the Spirit
Shared by: T.J. Conwell on Sep, 2016
Summary: If we will listen, we will hear, and we too will know the things of God because Jesus has sent us the Holy Spirit! We are not alone, and we should never feel like we are.
Series: John
Scripture: John 15:26-16:15
Denomination: Baptist
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When Terror Strikes
Shared by: Dennis Lee on Sep, 2016
Summary: Today's sermon takes it's cue from the terrorist event of 9-11. It looks at what we as believers are to take away from this event to live fruitful and effective lives. We'll look at our need then to trust in God, His purposes and promises.
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Work of the Holy Spirit - Overcoming
Shared by: Edward Hardee on Aug, 2016
Summary: Helping us understand what the work of the Holy Spirit is.
Scripture: John 16:7-11
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Confidence within the Chaos
Shared by: Christopher Benfield on Jul, 2016
Summary: Life is filled with uncertainty. In fact, life can be chaotic at times. It is easy to lose focus and stumble among the chaos. Fortunately, we do not have to succumb to the uncertainties; we can overcome in Christ.
Scripture: John 16:32-33
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The best navigator
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How the Holy Spirit Guides
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Being Church - with the perfect team
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Summary: On Trinity Sunday we explore what it means to be church, with the perfect team, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
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Growing via the Holy Spirit
Shared by: Ernie Arnold on May, 2016
Summary: Jesus shares how the Holy Spirit will teach us and help us grow! 1. Jesus shares that there is much more to learn and grow -v. 12 2. Jesus shares that learning and growth is only possible through His Holy Spirit v. 13 - 15
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Scripture: John 16:12-15
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“Contrasts to Come”
Shared by: Ron Tuit on May, 2016
Summary: Jesus continues his walk toward Gethsemane and shares with the Disciples some of the contrasts which they would experience in the near future.
Scripture: John 16:16-33
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Shared by: Ron Tuit on May, 2016
Summary: Jesus reveals more of the Holy Spirit and the work which the Holy Spirit would do through the disciples in the new revelation of the New Testament.
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The Prosecution’s Case
Shared by: Ron Tuit on May, 2016
Summary: Jesus introduces some of the work of the Holy Spirit as "prosecutor". The Holy Spirit would convince and convict God's chosen of their sin and His Righteousness, in order to avoid the judgment of sin and satan.
Ron Tuit avatar
Co-Workers with God
Shared by: Ron Tuit on Apr, 2016
Summary: Jesus tells of the Holy Spirit's testimony and witness about Jesus and the fact that true disciples will also testify and witness about Him. He forewarns disciples of imminent danger and persecution after He is gone.
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The Outrageous Joy of the Resurrection
Shared by: Archie Norman on Apr, 2016
Summary: dealing with emojis
Scripture: John 16:20
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Two Ways to Use the Name
Shared by: Troy Campbell on Mar, 2016
Summary: There is power in the Name of Jesus
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Scripture: John 16:23-24
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John Gaston avatar
The Holy Spirit our Personal Trainer
Shared by: John Gaston on Mar, 2016
Summary: Gyms have “personal trainers” to help patrons get the maximum benefit out of using the gym equipment.Christianity too has a personal trainer to help Christians be conformed to the image of Jesus -- The Holy Spirit!
Scripture: John 16:13
Denomination: Assembly Of God
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God's Joy Also Comes in the Morning
Shared by: Rev. Matthew Parker on Feb, 2016
Summary: This is a message given at the anniversary service of an inner-city church in Toronto, Canada.
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All Things Work Together For Good - Homily
Shared by: J Jeffrey Smead on Jan, 2016
Summary: Romans 8: 28-30 shares with us at least two truths: Our bad things, which are bad things, work together for good, AND Our good things cannot be lost. Shortened version of "All Things - Work Together For Good / Predestined To Be Transformed " July 2014.
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Am I forever trapped?
Shared by: Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Jan, 2016
Summary: Do you live in the right house? Is everyone right? Are you correctable? Who will take ownership for where you are?
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The Holy Spirit / The Miracle Within
Shared by: J Jeffrey Smead on Jan, 2016
Summary: The Holy Spirit, the Miracle within guides us to be a miracle without. This is based off of my 2010 Message "Holy Spirit - The Miracle Within" with different Illustrations.
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The Prince of Peace
Shared by: Mark Aarssen on Dec, 2015
Summary: Our society has hijacked Christmas from all of us over the years turning it into one of the biggest commercial events ever. We have to stop this attack on our sacred holiday and tell the world sorry – Christmas is about The Prince of Peace.
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The Truth about Christmas Carols
Shared by: Paul Basehore on Dec, 2015
Summary: Jesus is the reason for the season, and because of that everything about this season can point back to Him in some way.
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The Holy Spirit
Shared by: Trae Durden on Oct, 2015
Summary: A discussion of the Holy Spirit, His work and function.
Dean Courtier avatar
The Supernatural Stream of God’s Peace & Rest
Shared by: Dean Courtier on Aug, 2015
Summary: Can we experience perfect peace? Jesus tells us in John 16:33 “Have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”
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Scripture: John 16:33
Denomination: Pentecostal
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The Advantage
Shared by: Archie Norman on Jul, 2015
Summary: 7 Constant Reminders
Scripture: John 16:7
Denomination: Baptist
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The Heavenly Trio
Shared by: Craig Condon on Jul, 2015
Summary: The Trinity is a mystery, but this does not mean a riddle. Instead, the Trinity is a reality above our human comprehension that we may begin to grasp, but ultimately must know through worship, symbol and faith.
Scripture: John 16:12-15
Denomination: Anglican
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