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  • The Heavenly Trio

    Contributed by Craig Condon on Jul 2, 2015

    The Trinity is a mystery, but this does not mean a riddle. Instead, the Trinity is a reality above our human comprehension that we may begin to grasp, but ultimately must know through worship, symbol and faith.

    Most of you have probably heard the legends about St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. One particular legend, which is based on fact, is his understanding of the concept of the Trinity. In his personal confession, he wrote: For there is no other God, nor ever was before, nor shall be more

  • Our Heavenly Gps Receiver

    Contributed by Craig Condon on Jul 1, 2015

    Jesus promised that God would send the Holy Spirit "to guide us in all truth." That means that the Holy Spirit will help us to understand God's Word which always points us in the right direction. It points us to Jesus who is "the Way, the truth, the life.

    Good morning boys and girls! Who can tell me what this is? Can anyone tell me what a compass does? A compass is a very handy instrument that will help keep you from getting lost. Not only that, it will help you find your way if you do get lost. The compass has four main directions, they are more

  • In Many Ways The Holy Spirit Helps Us!

    Contributed by Marge Kryzanowski Abram on Mar 22, 2015

    The Holy Spirit is our helper in so many ways of our life that we can hardly count them. In this outline we point out 7 ways in which He is our HELPER!

    In Many Ways the Holy Spirit Helps Us! The Holy Spirit is our helper in so many ways of our life that we can hardly count them. In this outline we point out 7 ways in which He is our HELPER! I. The Holy Spirit comforts us when we are troubled and sadden. John 14:16 (KJV) And I will pray the more

  • The Spirit Of Conviction Series

    Contributed by Rick Burdette on Apr 6, 2015

    Conviction, Sin, Guilt, Judgment

    HOLY ISN’T HIS FIRST NAME – The Spirit of Conviction John 16:5-16 (p. 753) April 12, 2015 Introduction: I have a feature of my smart phone that immediately alerts me if there is a missing child in the area. It’s called an Amber Alert...It shows up on my screen with a more

  • Being Church - With The Perfect Team

    Contributed by Richard Schwedes on May 21, 2016
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    On Trinity Sunday we explore what it means to be church, with the perfect team, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Have you ever considered how important teams, especially successful teams are to life? I am not just talking about sporting teams. Think about it for a moment, most of what happens in life requires groups of people, a team, working together to deliver us a product or a service or achieve more

  • The Holy Spirit; What Does He Do? Series

    Contributed by Jim Kilson on Nov 9, 2014

    Part 2 of 4 in an introductory series on the Holy Spirit, looking at who He is and how He works in our lives.

    INTRODUCTION: John 16 is what I would describe as a fundamental passage on the Holy Spirit. In these verses, Jesus has just finished telling the disciples that things are going to get hard for them when He leaves and that people are going to hate them mistreat them, kill them, and they will do so more

  • The Works Of The Holy Spirit

    Contributed by Pastor Randall Timblin on Jun 10, 2017

    The Holy Spirit has been designated as our Helper until we see our Lord and Master. But who is He? What does He want of us? How can He help?

    Who is the Holy Spirit; Is He a “He”; Is He an “It”; Is He some “Force”; and why is He here? These are some of the questions that I personally or others have asked me over the years. “He” is real; “He” is the Spirit of God and of Jesus Christ and “He” is not the “Force”, as in Star Wars. “He” is more

  • Who Is The Holy Spirit?

    Contributed by Pastor Randall Timblin on May 19, 2017
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    Who is the Holy Spirit and what role does He play in my life?

    Many of us seem to neglect the Holy Spirit and don’t really think of Him as a real person or being, but He is. He has been forgotten by this nation or totally misunderstood, or both. Jesus gave of himself, by sending us His Spirit, in the hopes that He would unite us. But, instead of being more

  • The Spirit’s Personality Series

    Contributed by Bill Walker on Feb 24, 2017

    The works of the Spirit proclaim his personality. The Holy Spirit is our guide that sometimes forbids certain actions. God’s Spirit can suffer slights and injuries. The Holy Spirit can be lied to.

    THE SPIRIT’S PERSONALITY In many Christian circles the Holy Spirit is either neglected, forgotten, or misunderstood. The One given, to unite the body of Christ is the center of controversy … So often Christian work is so rigidly programmed that it seems we need no longer depend on Him more

  • Growing Via The Holy Spirit

    Contributed by Ernie Arnold on May 10, 2016
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    Jesus shares how the Holy Spirit will teach us and help us grow! 1. Jesus shares that there is much more to learn and grow -v. 12 2. Jesus shares that learning and growth is only possible through His Holy Spirit v. 13 - 15

    Scripture: John 16:12-15; Proverbs 8:1-4 and Romans 5:1-5 Title: Holy Spirit Growth Proposition: Jesus shares with us we how the Holy Spirit can help us grow! 1. Jesus shares that there is much more to learn and grow - verse 12 2. Jesus shares that learning and growth is only more

  • The Revelation Of Christ Series

    Contributed by Ron Freeman, Evangelist on Oct 17, 2017
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    To establish that one work of the Holy Spirit was to make known through revelation, the “mystery of Christ to the world.” This mystery was given to the holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit.

    INTRODUCTION Outline. Revelation of Christ Remarks. 1. We will consider the Holy Spirit’s work in the revelation of the Mystery of Christ. Jesus promises in our text of discussion, that the Holy Spirit: “would guide the apostles into all truth,” John 16:13. 2. Paul would speak of this revelation more

  • Okay Kid, It’s Your Turn Series

    Contributed by Thomas Swope on Sep 5, 2017

    A study of the Gospel of John 16: 12 – 33

    John 16: 12 – 33 Okay Kid, It’s Your Turn 12 “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. 13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will more

  • A Perspective On The Holy Trinity

    Contributed by Martin Ellgar on Dec 24, 2014
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    A perspective on John 16: 12-15. If someone asks you, “Show me God” then point them to Jesus. Again, if someone asks you, “Show me the Holy Spirit” then point them to Jesus. For in Jesus the invisible Holy Trinity is revealed.

    John 16: 12-15 A perspective on the Holy Trinity Today is the first Sunday after Pentecost, it is Holy Trinity Sunday. Today we celebrate and take a closer look at the Holy Trinity that is, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever, Amen. At times, we use the Nicene Creed more

  • Dirty Windows

    Contributed by Craig Condon on Feb 13, 2015

    Living for God is hard. There are temptations to do wrong, or perhaps what God is asking you to do seems like it is too hard. The Holy Spirit comes to help us.

    Good morning boys and girls! Have you ever tried to look through a window that is smudged and dirty? Well, if you have, you know that it’s hard to see out of it because the dust and dirt block any clear view. As we think of how the Holy Spirit acts as a cleaner in our lives, we can see how more

  • The Three Musketeers-Father, Son And Holy Spirit

    Contributed by Craig Condon on Feb 15, 2015
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    The Spirit works with us to guide us closer to God in faith and helps us to do his work in the world. In this way, the Holy Spirit acts as our helper. He lives inside us and knows us even better than we know ourselves.

    There was once a teacher who was teaching first grade in a large elementary school. One morning all of the teachers were called to the staff room for an emergency meeting, and they hurried over, leaving their classes unsupervised. All of the teachers were worried, but none more so than this more