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Zechariah 4 - NIV

The Gold Lampstand and the Two Olive Trees

1 Then the angel who talked with me returned and woke me up, like someone awakened from sleep.

2 He asked me, “What do you see?”
I answered, “I see a solid gold lampstand with a bowl at the top and seven lamps on it, with seven channels to the lamps.

3 Also there are two olive trees by it, one on the right of the bowl and the other on its left.”

4 I asked the angel who talked with me, “What are these, my lord?”

5 He answered, “Do you not know what these are?”
“No, my lord,” I replied.

6 So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.

7 “What are you, mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of ‘God bless it! God bless it!’”

8 Then the word of the Lord came to me:

9 “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple; his hands will also complete it. Then you will know that the Lord Almighty has sent me to you.

10 “Who dares despise the day of small things, since the seven eyes of the Lord that range throughout the earth will rejoice when they see the chosen capstone[a] in the hand of Zerubbabel?”

11 Then I asked the angel, “What are these two olive trees on the right and the left of the lampstand?”

12 Again I asked him, “What are these two olive branches beside the two gold pipes that pour out golden oil?”

13 He replied, “Do you not know what these are?”
“No, my lord,” I said.

14 So he said, “These are the two who are anointed to[b] serve the Lord of all the earth.”


a. Zechariah 4:10 Or the plumb line
b. Zechariah 4:14 Or two who bring oil and

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My Faith Is Against My Mountain
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By My Spirit, Says the Lord
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"Who art thou, O great mountain?
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Summary: When your mountain is big it is likely you are an heavily weight champion for God.
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Speak to it
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Don't Discount Smallness
Shared by: Jerry Flury on Mar, 2014
Summary: Often we get discouraged because our labors for Christ seem fruitless or insignificant. We feel that we are too small or lack the resources to accomplish anything. Don't quit or give up. Understand that there is too small or insignificant to God.
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God's Grace Will Overcome
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Scripture: Zechariah 4:1-7
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ZECHARIAH - Empowered By His Spirit
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Summary: Don't over-estimate what you can do, alone. Don't under-estimate what God can do, through you.
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Scripture: Zechariah 4:6-10
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Our Source of Success
Shared by: Perry Greene on May, 2012
Summary: It is not by our abilities, wealth, popularity, etc. that we become successful in the eyes of God. We succeed whenever we rely on His Spirit to teach us and direct our steps.
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Not by Might
Shared by: Ajai Prakash on Mar, 2012
Summary: Throughout the Biblical narratives God had been seeking for available, obedient and faithful men to lead His people and extend His Kingdom. Will you be one of them?
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Scripture: Zechariah 4:6
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Strength for the church
Shared by: JS Collins on Jan, 2012
Summary: Purpose; To give light, life and hope to Gods people during trying circumstances and to promote Spiritual revival in their hearts causing them to return to the Lord.
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Scripture: Zechariah 4:6-10
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New Year Resolution
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How to Help People Who Are Discouraged
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Shine On!
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Let's Get Busy for God
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Summary: The Angel of the Lord came to Zerubbabel and encouraged him to get busy and complete the work to which he was called. This message is a look at some of basic principles for getting busy doing God's work.
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Scripture: Zechariah 4:1-11
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The Church Empowered
Shared by: Dennis Davidson on Apr, 2010
Summary: Sufficient truth had already been revealed to Zechariah to encourage him & to enable him to encourage others. Zechariah though kept inquiring until God reveals that His Spirit will be poured forth through God's two anointed ones so that God's light shine
Series: Zechariah
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Scripture: Zechariah 4:11-14
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Dennis Davidson avatar
Shared by: Dennis Davidson on Mar, 2010
Summary: God has designed His born again people so that they may be empowered for glory & service. The church's glory will not be acquired by human might & power but only by the Spirit of the Lord
Series: Zechariah
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The Light of the World
Shared by: Dennis Davidson on Mar, 2010
Summary: God’s desire is to have His people enlightened and able to enlighten by the power of the Spirit of God. God’s plan for Israel was for her to be light to the nations. God’s plan for His redeemed Spirit filled Church is for her to be the light of the world
Series: Zechariah
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Not By Might, Not By Power
Shared by: Steven Simala Grant on Jul, 2009
Summary: supposed to be, right? Not always, and not now. God doesn’t relieve us of all responsibility and do all the work for us. He empowers us, and we get started. And maybe it is a small start. A few boulders moved, a few shovels of dirt thrown to the s
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