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  • By The Spirit Of God Series

    Contributed by W Pittendreigh on Nov 14, 2002
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    We are discouraged -- because of the attacks on our nation, the problems in our families, the economy, or financial problems. We can be pessimistic and think things will never improve. We can be optimistic and think we have the power to bring about chan

    By the Spirit Of God Maynard Pittendreigh Zechariah 4:1-11 We are continuing our study of the Minor Prophets. Last week we looked at Haggai and this week we look at Zechariah. Both of these prophets are preaching at the same time – late in the year of 520 BC. Both of these more

  • The Golden Lampstand

    Contributed by Paul George on Sep 10, 2003
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    The purpose of the vision of the golden lampstand is to show the people that the Lord would, by His own power complete the rebuilding and replenishing of Jerusalem though the assistance given to the project by its friends even though they were weak, and t

    The purpose of the vision of the golden lampstand is to show the people that the Lord would, by His own power complete the rebuilding and replenishing of Jerusalem though the assistance given to the project by its friends even though they were weak, and the resistance to the project even through it more

  • Who Are The Witnesses? Series

    Contributed by Larry Hinkle on Oct 22, 2019
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    Jesus has given us same assignment of the apostles, to go, to pray and witness. It may appear impossible. To be faithful we need equipped, and encouraged, empowered. I want to share how you can be equipped, empowered and effective in the greatest commission.

    Revelation is a beautiful book to close out the Holy Bible, John in time of great persecution, addresses Christians who face severe resistance and rejection. Apostles were all martyred, only John is left alive, and he’s in prison, isolated, maybe wondering what will happen, will I see this promise more

  • God’s Encouraging Vision For The Spiritually Overwhelmed Series

    Contributed by Jim Butcher on Oct 18, 2019

    This vision points us to the great power of the Spirit.

    - The last vision concerned cleansing our souls; this vision concerns our work for God. WHAT IS THE SYMBOLISM? 1. The solid gold lampstand symbolizes our work to shine the light to the nations. - Zechariah 4:2, 10b. - 2 Corinthians 4:4, 6-7. - The obvious symbolism of a light points toward more

  • Minors' Lessons That Have Major Impact Iv: Dependence - Learned From Zechariah Series

    Contributed by Charles Cunningham on Sep 16, 2019

    Christians need a renewal of dependence on the Holy Spirit of God for doing the Lord's work effectively until His purpose and plan are brought to completion.

    MINORS’ LESSONS THAT HAVE MAJOR IMPACT IV: DEPENDENCE – Learned from Zechariah From Zephaniah, we learned HUMILITY. We honor God when we humble ourselves before God lest we become comfortable and complacent. From Haggai, we learned COMMITMENT. We honor God when we do whatever more

  • The Necessity Of Power Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Jan 5, 2006
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    With the Spirit’s power, we can accomplish God’s will.

    THE NECESSITY OF POWER Text: Zechariah 4:1-10 Introduction 1. Read Zechariah 4:1-10 2. Illustration: In a seminary missions class, Herbert Jackson told how, as a new missionary, he was assigned a car that would not start without a push. After pondering his problem, he devised a plan. He more

  • With God The Impossible Becomes Possible Series

    Contributed by Michael Trigg on Oct 15, 2006
    based on 35 ratings

    Today, are you living in and relying on God’s Holy Spirit, or are you trying to rely on your own might and power?

    INTRODUCTION. We are continuing our exploration of the prophecies of Zechariah. We are looking, at the moment, at the visions that God gave Zechariah, and are recorded in chapters 1 to 6. This time we are looking at the fifth vision: The Golden Lampstand and the Two Olive Trees. These more

  • God’s Call To Revival - God’s Prophetic Revelations

    Contributed by Dennis Lee on Oct 4, 2020
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    Today's message is a continuation of the message "God's Call to Revival - Ezra." This message looks at the prophetic revelations brought out by the prophets Haggai and Zechariah.

    God’s Call to Revival God’s Prophetic Revelations *** Watch: Last week we looked at the return of the Jews to God’s Promised Land under the leadership of Ezra, along with Zerubbabel, and Jeshua. They just finished 70 years of Babylonian captivity, and what we looked more

  • Let's Get Busy For God

    Contributed by Jerry Flury on May 2, 2010
    based on 14 ratings

    The Angel of the Lord came to Zerubbabel and encouraged him to get busy and complete the work to which he was called. This message is a look at some of basic principles for getting busy doing God's work.

    Let’s Get Busy for God Zechariah 4:4-11 How many times in history have great things for God been accomplished that started out so small that shortsighted people looked down at the endeavor or who prognosticated that it would never amount to anything? Many great accomplishments for God more

  • The Light Of The World Series

    Contributed by Dennis Davidson on Mar 11, 2010
    based on 16 ratings

    God’s desire is to have His people enlightened and able to enlighten by the power of the Spirit of God. God’s plan for Israel was for her to be light to the nations. God’s plan for His redeemed Spirit filled Church is for her to be the light of the world

    ZECHARIAH 4: 1-5 THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (The Lampstand in The Fifth Vision) [Isa. 9:1-7; 60:1-3; 62:1-2] These visions supplement one another beautifully . The previous vision of the removal of the filthy garments [by the pre-incarnate Christ] indicating how moral obstacles were to be more

  • Festival Of Lights For Jews And Christians

    Contributed by Owen Bourgaize on Nov 6, 2002
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    Christians celebrate a Festival of Lights at Christmas and the Jews have Hanukkah, both pictures of the Spirit of God shining out in a dark world - see picture of Menorah.

    FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FOR JEWS AND CHRISTIANS This Christmas the lights in town and on houses have been better than ever. I expect you had Advent candles in church to remind you of the Christmas festival. But it’s not only Christians who celebrate with lights - the Jews do so as well. I’ve got more

  • Symbols Of The Holy Spirit (Part 2 Of 2)

    Contributed by Larry Brincefield on Oct 30, 2002
    based on 146 ratings

    The Bible has different symbols for the Holy Spirit that gives us insight into His Person.

    Title: Symbols of the Holy Spirit #2 (1) Text: Zechariah 4:1-6 Luke 11:13 Introduction 1. Last week, we talked about different symbols of the Holy Spirit and how they each give us a little different picture of what the Holy Spirit is more

  • By My Spirit

    Contributed by John Gaston on Mar 6, 2021

    You may not feel it, you may not see it, or be aware of it, but God's Spirit is with you at all times, and He wishes to empower you to do exploits for Him. It's NOT by Might or by Power His will be accomplished, but by the Spirit of God!

    BY MY SPIRIT Zech. 4:2-9 INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR: FOOTBALL A DULL GAME 1. A Tennessee hillbilly girl moved to Texas. She attended her first football game at Bower’s stadium at SHSU. 2. After the game she told her new friends, “That was the dullest game I’ve ever gone to. At the beginning they more

  • Shine On! Series

    Contributed by Thomas Swope on May 7, 2010

    A study of chapter 4 verses 1 through 14

  • By His Spirit Series

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Nov 4, 2019

    The Lord assured Zerubbabel that the work of rebuilding the Temple would be completed, not by human might and power, but by His Spirit. He is encouraged to look beyond his present distress to the glorious future that God has determined.