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  • The Gift Of Intimacy

    Contributed on Mar 3, 2010
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    The advances that there have been in the scientific realm have sparked numerous debates and arguments over the Bible and whether or not science has well and truly killed God. As we have searched into biology, physics, and chemistry have we unlocked truths

    Intimacy is defined in the dictionary as a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group, a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding. In this prayer that Jesus offers to God in John, before he is arrested, He goes more

  • Evil

    Contributed on Mar 3, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    Many ask Christians this question believing that because evil exists then that must mean there is no God, but that is a false argument. If God is good then how can there be genocide in Rwanda and shootings in high schools? How do you answer people when th

    There isn’t anyone alive that would deny the existence of evil, but what is our response to it from a biblical perspective? We see its impact around us all the time yet many people struggle to define. Where does evil come from? Many ask Christians this question believing that because evil more

  • Love's Short-Term Memory

    Contributed on Jan 11, 2010
    based on 14 ratings

    Love forgives and forgets, at least that is what the bible says. How do you make this a reality in your life?

    Anyone ever seen the movie ’50 first dates’? It’s based upon a woman who forgets every morning what happened the day before. Each day is new without any regret, hurt or bitterness from the day before. Sometimes I think God wants us as Christians to treat hurt like that. In fact more

  • No Turning Back

    Contributed on Jan 11, 2010
    based on 7 ratings

    Jesus' warning about Lot's wife is sobering and important for us today as we begin a new year. What's making you look back?

    2010 is upon us folks, welcome to a new year, a new decade and a new season of possibilities. How many of you are excited about what God has in store in 2010? This will be a year of planning for future growth and taking steps of faith, to see God’s plans unveiled before our eyes. This kind of more

  • Christmas Not Like Bethlehem

    Contributed on Dec 17, 2009
    based on 6 ratings

    Every Christian needs to understand that what we celebrate on Dec. 25th looks nothing like Bethlehem. What can we do to make is all about Jesus?

    Another Christmas, some of us have had more than others. There is hustle and bustle happening all around us, chestnuts roasting on the open fire and Christmas lights illuminating the dark nights. Does it feel like Christmas to you? Now we all know that Christmas celebrations as we know them have more

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  • I Want You To Imagine With Me For A Minute We Are ...

    Contributed on Jul 3, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    I want you to imagine with me for a minute we are all living in a time when we had no fire. We have no way to produce a great deal of warmth at night; we have no way to cook what we kill in the forest. Someone has told that all we need to do is pray for it and it will come. So imagine we want to more

  • Imagine For A Moment You Were In A Playground ...

    Contributed on Nov 11, 2007

    Imagine for a moment you were in a playground and you saw someone trying to abduct a child, what would you do? I think we would act, without hesitation we would be stirred into action. You would not stand by and let something so terrible just happen. A conviction more

  • Told By Philip Yancey In His Book: What's So ...

    Contributed on Feb 18, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    told by Philip Yancey in his book: What’s so Amazing about Grace. Yancey tells the story of a prodigal daughter who grows up in Traverse City, Michigan. Disgusted with her old fashioned parents who overreact to her nose ring, the music she listens to, the length of her skirts, she runs away. She more

  • The Story Is Told (By Ernest Hemingway) Of A ...

    Contributed on Feb 18, 2007

    The story is told (by Ernest Hemingway) of a father and his teenage son who had a relationship that had become strained to the point of breaking. Finally the son ran away from home. His father, however, began a journey in search of his rebellious son. Finally, in Madrid, in a last desperate effort more

  • A Little Girl Asked Her Mother One Sunday ...

    Contributed on Feb 3, 2007

    A little girl asked her mother one Sunday morning as she was preparing lunch, “Mommy, why do you cut off the ends of the ham before you cook it?” The girl’s mother turned and looked at her and said, “Oh, sweetie, I’m not really sure why, but I suppose you cut the ends off of the meat so that the more