Arthur and Marie's church

Grace Temple Outreach Center
College Park Georgia , 30349

About Arthur and Marie
  • Comment to those looking at my sermons: We pray that these messages will be both encouraging and inspirational.
  • Family: Arthur and Marie Mason work together in the ministry, side by side. Also, their children work with them: Elder Tim W. Ridley, Dionne M. Geiger, Charise Y. Ridley, Lashaunda S. Ridley, and Charlie Frank Kimball III Saxophone players: Elder Tim W. Ridley and Charlie Frank Kimball Drummers: D.J. Geiger and Dion Timothy Geiger Daughter-in-law: Maracel Ridley Grandchildren: D.J. Geiger, Dion Timothy Geiger, Owens Adams, and Jean-Marie Ridley Son-in-law: Elder Douglas L. Geiger
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