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    Contributing sermons since Jan 3, 2008
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  • He Came To Me

    Contributed on Jan 3, 2008
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    A message about the demoniac who received the wonderful grace of Jesus.

    On June 27th, 1976 an Air France Airbus lifted off from the Athens International Airport. It was a beautiful day to fly. The sky was clear. The Aegean Sea below was a brilliant blue. It was just perfect. But the serenity of the first moments of that flight was shattered with a scream as a man more

  • By Faith, Abraham

    Contributed on Jan 3, 2008
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    I think we can look at Abraham’s story and see three things about his obedience that really spoke to his faith. These are three things upon which I think you and I can also measure our own faith.

    In the eleventh chapter of the New Testament book of Hebrews there is one of the most famous lists in history. It is a list of Bible heroes. Big names like Noah and Moses, Samson and David. And there were lesser known figures like Enoch and Rahab, Barak and Jephthah. What was it that held all more

  • The Man Who Would Build An Ark

    Contributed on Jan 3, 2008
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    There are three things in this verse that tell us a great deal about Noah. And in this short, little sentence I believe we can gain a deeper understanding of how we should live.

    A grandchild sitting on her grandfather’s lap listening to the Bible story of Noah’s Ark, asked "Were you in the Ark, grandpa?" He chuckled and replied, "Why, no I wasn’t." There was a pause, and the child looked up at him quizzically and asked, "Then why weren’t you drowned?" Someone once wrote more

  • Being A Disciple

    Contributed on Jan 3, 2008
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    What discipleship really means.

    When I was in college I thought that an area of ministry that I would enjoy doing, and that perhaps God was leading me to, was to be a chaplain in the armed forces. I spent time talking with a pastor who had been a chaplain. I read some material about being a chaplain. Eventually, I actually more

  • The Subtle Serpent

    Contributed on Jan 3, 2008

    As we look at this sad story of the first sin, we see a very real picture of how Satan often works.

    Top Ten Ways to Know You Need To Study Genesis: 10. Your pastor announces a new sermon series from Genesis… and you check the Table of Contents to see if it’s in your Bible. 9. You think Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had a few hits during the sixties. 8. You open to Genesis and a WWII War Bond falls more