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  • Real Authority

    Contributed on Jan 29, 2015

    How does Christ's authority differ from the various authorities we face each day

    My least favorite classes in my undergrad political science classes dealt with ‘political theory’. But I will always remember the discussion we had around the concept of ‘authority’ and what made for legitimate authority. Keep in mind this was at the winding down of Vietnam more

  • Turn Around

    Contributed on Jan 29, 2015

    The need for and meaning of repentance

    Before I moved to Oregon I use to consider myself a fisherman. I got my license each year and spent many afternoons and days off with a string in the Walker River or Lee Vining Creek. One of the few times I fished here was in my first few years and I went out to the Sandy near Troutdale. Steelhead more

  • The Strange Way Of Freedom

    Contributed on Apr 13, 2010

    Relationships and mutual submission is what brings about freedom rather than captivity.

    I f you've served in the armed forces you attended a multi-week camp even which was meant to acquaint you with a new way of living your life. This new way of life included, as Sgt. Hulka so elaborately said in the movie Stripes, " I'm gonna teach every last one of you how to eat, sleep, walk, more

  • Did You Get The Memo?

    Contributed on Apr 13, 2010

    Palm Sunday is the opportunity to prepare for Holy Week and the emotional roller-coaster it involves

    A great story from a couple of years ago was reported by Robert Bazell of NBC News. After an attempted IED attack near Tikrit the hospital at Camp Speicher was down to 10% of its blood supply. Brian Suam, was first in line to donate blood when the call went out. His blood was going to be used for more

  • Determining One's Loyalty

    Contributed on Apr 13, 2010
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    Easter visitation to the disciples tests ones loyalty while Acts demonstrates it in public

    T he Best Picture in 1981 went to a little recognized film called Chariots of Fire. It chronicled two British runners, Eric Liddell, a devote Christian and Harold Abrams who were to run in the 1924 Olympics held in Paris. Liddell refuses to run his race because it is to be held on Sunday and his more

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  • For All Of Its Foibles—-Lousy Preaching, ...

    Contributed on Jan 27, 2010

    "For all of its foibles—-lousy preaching, political infighting, self-centered focus, stagnation, a gaggle of special interest groups—-the pokey local still the most fertile environment for spiritual development. In fact, there can be no genuine spiritual progress without a long-term more

  • Scrubs Christmas Voiceover

    Contributed on Nov 10, 2009
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    SCRUBS CHRISTMAS VOICEOVER The cast of the TV Show Scrubs have done a number of satirical looks at various things. The did a voice over of "Charlie Brown’s Christmas" and Dr. Cox does the Linus soliloquy which originally was the story of Christmas from the gospel. This post-modern version [IMHO] more

  • Consider

    Contributed on Nov 10, 2009

    Consider "The Christmas Pledge" in Jo Robinson and Jean Staehali’s book Unplug the Christmas Machine. They write, "Believing in the true spirit of Christmas I commit myself to: • Remember those who truly need my gifts • Express my love in more direct ways than gifts • Examine my holiday more

  • Christmas Pants

    Contributed on Nov 10, 2009

    CHRISTMAS PANTS I told you about a pair of guys who had exchanged the same pair of moleskin pants for over a decade. Each year they tried to outdo one another with the only rules being they couldn’t damage the pants and they had to use scrap material. I’d left the story with Kunkel having more

  • Pete Peterson Was The First U.s. Ambassador To ...

    Contributed on Nov 10, 2009

    Pete Peterson was the first U.S. ambassador to Vietnam after the war. But it wasn’t his first time in Hanoi. Peterson was a POW from 1966 to 1972 at the prison camp named "Hanoi Hilton". When asked how he could return to the land where he’d endured years of starvation, brutality and torture, he more