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  • Reach Out And Touch Someone

    Contributed on Dec 3, 2016

    Although He didn't need to, Jesus usually healed people by touching them. Human touch is very powerful and it can actually bring us closer to God.

    This morning I want to talk about a very “touchy” subject. No, I don’t mean politics. For the past couple of months we have been discussing off and on the five senses and how we use them to know God better and today we’ve come to the fifth and final message in this series. more

  • We're On A Mission From God

    Contributed on Dec 3, 2016

    The mission of the Church is really to participate in God's mission to the world. He sent His Son to undo the effects of the Fall, reconciling us to God. The work of the Church, then, is to work to undo the effects of sin in our world.

    Some of you may remember a movie that came out about 25 years ago. The film was a story of redemption and it featured two prominent theologians of the time, Jake and Elwood. If you saw the movie The Blues Brothers, which you probably shouldn’t have, you’ll remember that line they use a more

  • Thank You Notes

    Contributed on Dec 3, 2016

    Every year the Thanksgiving holiday seems to be more and more squeezed out by Halloween and Christmas. But for Christians, Thanksgiving should be one of the most important holidays of the year.

    I really can’t believe that Thanksgiving is this week. Anybody else feel like Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on you this year? Part of the problem may be that our culture seems to be squeezing out the Thanksgiving holiday. For years retailers have been trying to get people to do their more

  • Plastic Jesus

    Contributed on Jun 2, 2012
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    Too often we try to make Jesus fit our own desires. Instead of the real Jesus we want one that fits into our life neatly. That's a plastic Jesus.

    “PLASTIC JESUS” Genesis 22:1-14 • Luke 14:25-33 First Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi, TX Rev. Charles S. Blackshear • April 22, 2012 Several years ago in Kentucky a man walked into a Dairy Queen, placed his order and then paid for it with a $200 bill. The more

  • God's Refinery

    Contributed on Jun 2, 2012
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    Why does God permit pain and suffering? One reason is to help shape us to be more like Christ.

    “GOD’S REFINERY” Isaiah 48:1-11 First Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi, TX Rev. Charles S. Blackshear • April 29, 2012 Have you ever had one of those days when it seems that nothing is going your way? From the time you get up in the morning it’s as if the more