• Chris Day

    Contributing sermons since Jan 30, 2005
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Perimeter Church
Duluth, Georgia 30096

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  • Getting Out

    Contributed on Jan 30, 2005
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    The world, and all our enjoyments in it, must be looked at with a holy indifference and contempt so that we come to a place where we are no longer at home, but sit loose, reserving our affections for him.

    Have you ever found yourself to have placed something or someone in a higher place in your heart than God Almighty? I have. Over the last few weeks, I’ve sensed the Spirit of God working in me to rid me of distractions and obsessions that have kept me from being captivated in wonder of him and more

  • Healing The Leper

    Contributed on Jan 30, 2005
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    When you seek God for mercy and grace, he is willing -- freely willing -- to give you mercy and grace. Christ doesn’t need to be urged or begged; he hears us before we can even speak it! Christ doesn’t need to be paid or flattered; he heals freely. Rea

    I’ve been reading through the Sermon on the Mount in the gospel according to Matthew over the past few days. It begins in Matthew 5, when Jesus goes up on the mountain. He sists down with his disciples and begins to teach. If you go through and read what Jesus says, it probably won’t take you more

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