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About Christopher
  • Education: BS History Indiana State University MA Columbia Bible College and Seminary (CIU) M.Div. Trinity Bible College and Seminary
  • Experience: Assistant Pastor Springhill Wesleyan Church, Columbia, SC 1988-1990 Lexington Wesleyan Church, Lexington, SC 1990-1997 Good News Bible Church, Iowa City, IA 1997 to present
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  • What To Do When Your World Falls Apart

    Contributed on Oct 31, 2020

    This is from a series I preached on the Psalms.

    Title: “What to Do When Your World Falls Apart” Script.: Psalm 3 Type: Expository Series Where: GNBC 11-1-20 Intro: As a young man, film director Robert Flaherty spent many months in the far north looking for iron ore and cod. He found neither, but he did shoot 70,000 feet of film in his more

  • Worship, It Does A Body Good.

    Contributed on Oct 17, 2020

    This is a part of a series I preached on the Psalms.

    Title: Worship – It’ll Do You Good. Script: Ps. 100 Type: Expos. Where: GNBC rw 10-18-20 Intro: I read an article recently about President Kennedy. Kennedy had many serious health problems that he suffered from throughout his life. He had a serious kidney disease, along with several other more

  • The Blessed Man

    Contributed on Sep 26, 2020

    An exposition of Psalm 1.

    Title: The Blessed Man Scripture: Psalm 1 Type: Series Where: GNBC 9-27-20 Intro: After getting out of the Army, my father went to college. One of the jobs he worked while in college was construction, helping to build a golf course. On a certain planned fairway there stood a massive tree, more

  • Psalm 19 God's Revelation

    Contributed on Aug 29, 2020

    This is sermon I preached as part of a series on the Psalms.

    Title: Psalm 19 Scripture: Psalm 19 Type: Expository series Where: GNBC 8-30-20 Intro: The late Bill Klem was one of MLB’s best-known umpires. When he stood behind the plate, he was in charge of everything that mattered. He was the unquestioned authority; you didn’t challenge his word. He more

  • "who May Approach God?

    Contributed on Aug 22, 2020

    This sermon is part of series I was preaching on the Psalms of David.

    Title: “Who May Approach God?” Script: Psalm 15 Type: Series on the Psalms Where: GNBC 8-23-20 Intro: We are living in what I have termed a “Siri Smart yet Philosophically Puerile (childish) world.” We can get answers to almost any question on our Smart Phones in moments. Siri is pretty smart more

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  • The Official Position Of Islam Is That Her ...

    Contributed on Sep 25, 2001
    based on 68 ratings

    The official position of Islam is that her martyrs go directly to heaven: The Prophet said, "The person who participates in (Holy battles) in Allah's cause and nothing compels him to do so except belief in Allah and His Apostles, will be recompensed by Allah either with a reward, or booty (if he more