• Christopher Benfield

    Contributing sermons since Jun 14, 2016
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Shady Grove Baptist Church
Boonville, North Carolina 27011

About Christopher
  • Education: I received my Doctorate of Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary.
  • Experience: I have been in pastoral ministry since 2005, and maintain an internet ministry featuring sermon resources at I am also the author of PULPIT PAGES - Joseph: Bitterness, Betrayal, and Blessing, published by Xulon Press.
  • Family: My wife, Tanya, and I have been married since 1990. We have two adult daughters.
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  • Encouragement To Engage In Ministry

    Contributed on Feb 13, 2023
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    It would be a tragedy for believers to possess biblical knowledge and spiritual giftedness, and yet never use that knowledge and giftedness for the advancement of the Kingdom. Many churches are stagnant and dead spiritually because they focus upon the wrong things.

    Encouragement to Engage in Ministry Ephesians 3: 14-19 Some of you are probably like me when it comes to technology. I am certainly not an expert in the field of computers and programming. I am unfamiliar with all that goes into writing code, software, and the development of apps on my phone. more

  • Unsearchable Riches

    Contributed on Feb 6, 2023

    Those in relationship with Christ have received the unsearchable riches of His grace and are obligated to be good stewards of such grace. I pray we are reminded of the gracious provision we have received and renewed in our commitment to share this grace with those who have yet to receive this gift.

    Unsearchable Riches Ephesians 3: 8-13 In our text today, Paul continues to expound upon the great mystery of grace, offered by the loving and gracious Lord to those who are undeserving. Having discussed the expanse of such grace and the obligation to be a good steward of the grace received, Paul more

  • Revealing The Mystery

    Contributed on Jan 30, 2023

    The gospel transformed Paul's life and had become the basis and focal point of his ministry. He is committed to sharing this great mystery with those who have yet to hear and respond to the gospel. As believers, we share this same opportunity and obligation.

    Revealing the Mystery Ephesians 3: 1-7 Our text follows up on that which Paul had spoken of in the previous chapter. There he had discussed the marvelous transformation of those who were dead in trespasses and sin, being made alive in Christ. We are saved by grace through faith, not of our works, more

  • The Two Builders

    Contributed on May 4, 2022
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    This passage applies to all people. Whether we make our living in construction or not, we are all builders. Each day we live we are building something that will one day be evaluated by the Master Builder.

    The Two Builders Matthew 7: 24-27 We have come to the conclusion of the longest recorded message in Scripture our Lord preached: The Sermon on the Mount. It has been an insightful journey; much of what we have considered has been very familiar to us, but it has been challenging as well. The more

  • Absolute Certainty Or Mere Sincerity?

    Contributed on Apr 27, 2022
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    Jesus addressed the grave disappointment some will encounter as they stand before Him, seeking to gain entrance into His kingdom. These were certainly sincere in their efforts, but they were not found worthy to gain access to the kingdom.

    Absolute Certainty or Mere Sincerity? Matthew 7: 21-23 As we continue to study the Sermon on the Mount, we come to the portion of the message where Jesus addressed the grave disappointment some will encounter as they stand before Him, seeking to gain entrance into His kingdom. As we will more

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