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Daniel Harman

Contributor since: Jul 7, 2006
Denomination: Baptist

About Daniel Harman

Education: Christian: Studied with and ordained through Hampstead Bible College in London. Completed a 2 year International Hillsong Course through Faith Works Bible College (part time). I also hold a Baptist certificate in Biblical Studies which I studied via correspondance. Secular: 10 GCSE’s, 4 A/S Levels (ICT, Computing, Business Studies & Music), National BTEC Diploma in Popular Music, Certificate in Plumbing theory, Basic Counselling Skills certificate Current Studies: Working towards a BA (Hons) Degree in Theology at Chichester University, HLTA status & Certificate in Managing Volunteers I’m also on the Million Leaders Mandate (IEQUIP) Leadership Training Scheme hosted at Winton Elim Church, Bournemouth

Comment to those looking at my sermons: Feel free to use any of the sermons that inspire you and to email me with your feedback and testimonies. It’s always great to hear from other ministers around the globe. I cannot claim that all of my sermon content is 100% original, as I have gleaned many illustrations from various resources / preachers who have blessed me in the past. Note: the majority of my sermons are designed with a Powerpoint Presentation (visual aid) to help enhance learning - I’ve found that this is especially effective for those who are visual learners by nature. Furthermore, at times I will encourage the congregation to participate vocally by repeating certain key phrases, verses or answering questions relating to the topic. I do this to help keep the audience alert & make them feel involved PLUS it’s proven that doing this can enhance what people retain. However, I do understand that this is not always appropriate & can be very difficult with certain congregations.

Sermon or series that made a difference: Purpose Driven Life

Family: I have been married for 2 and a half years now to my gorgeous wife Laura and we are expecting our first child in mid August. My wife is actively involved in worship and children’s ministry, and previously served as worship leader for over 2 years. My parents (Bill & Susan Harman) are the original church pioneers & Senior Leaders at Victory Church and founders of City Ministries Portsmouth. I have one brother called Dave who is married to Hannah and has a beautiful daughter called Ria. My parents-in-law are elders / worship leaders in a local Baptist Church and I have a great brother and sister in-law called Daniel and Kezia, who are also involved in youth & worship ministry.

What my parents think of my sermons: My parents frequently give me opportunities to preach at church and they’re always there; spuring me on from the front row with plenty of encouragement & affirmation. They think my sermons are great, but whose parents wouldn’t be biased towards their own kids!??

What my spouse (really) thinks of my sermons: My wife (Laura) is my biggest support! She says I’m her ’favourite preacher’...ahhh that’s love for you! I can always depend on her honesty. She’s gives me bags of encouragement, but also constructive critisism when need be.

Best advice given to me about preaching: Think about who’s going to be in your congregation & ensure you’re putting out relevant bait. If you’re enthusiastic about your sermon then it’s more than likely that the people listening will be. Failure to prepare is to prepare for failure (as my dad used to say). Get organised by storing all of your favourite illustrations/quotes/sermons in catagory folders on your computer (digital format) or in a filing cabinet (hard copy) - this helps make sermon preparation a whole lot easier!

Books that have had an impact: Purpose Driven Life, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, Purpose Driven Church (Rick Warren), Building A Contagious Church (Mark Mittelberg & Bill Hybels), Crossing Over (Paul Scanlon), How to win friends and influence People (Dale Carnegie), Numerous John Maxwell books on Leadership / Influence, He-motions (Biship T.D.Jakes), 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R.Covey), Run Baby Run (Nicky Cruz).

Hobbies: Football (big Portsmouth fan), fitness/weight training, listening to good music, playing guitar, reading, researching, playing computer games, enjoying nature, socialising with friends & family, eating out, watching good movies

If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: Life is meaningless without God, get to know Him & live a life of purpose!

Something funny that happened while preaching: The night before preaching my wife was supposed to dye my hair blonde, but instead it came out bright ginger! Needless to say I got a lot of stick from my friends the next morning! :-D

What I want on my tombstone: He loved God & he loved people