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Darrell Stetler Ii

Contributor since: Dec 9, 2003
Denomination: Holiness

About Darrell Stetler Ii

Education: - Homeschooled for 7 years in elementary school. - Graduated from God’s Bible High School in Cincinnati, OH. - Bachelor of Arts in Bible/Theology (Major in Ministerial Education) from God’s Bible School and College (Cincinnati.) - Currently enrolled in the school of hard knocks -- and getting good marks (mostly black and blue.)

Comment to those looking at my sermons: MANY SERMONS WITH POWERPOINT IN RESOURCE DOWNLOAD! Most of my sermons are available for bulk download in ZIP format for only $20. I do this to help support my beautiful wife and 5 kids. The resource features: > 100s of sermons in series (from 11 years of preaching). > in Microsoft Word > Most with handouts already formatted > A good number with powerpoint already created. > Video sermons also available > Pay with Paypal or check. More info: Darrellstetler2@gmail.com or 405-974-0507.

Family: Married to Elizabeth, my beautiful wife. We have 5 kids: Grace, Darrell (III), Heath, Caleb and Gideon. www.facebook.com/darrellstetler2

Best advice given to me about preaching: Preach to convince the mind, move the emotions, and activate the will. (Ben Durr, Homiletics Teacher) Write your manuscript, but preach extemporaneously. If you must preach from a manuscript, write for the ear and not the eye. Most authors write for the eye -- Paul Harvey writes for the ear. (Edsel Trouten, Substitute Homiletics Teacher) People need fewer ought-to sermons and more how-to sermons. (Rick Warren, Pastor, Saddleback Community Church)

Books that have had an impact: Purpose-Driven Church - Rick Warren Preaching With Freshness - Bruce Mawhinney 7 Laws of the Learner - Bruce Wilkinson Developing the Leader Within You - John Maxwell Good to Great - Jim Collins

Hobbies: - LOVE music. - LOVE basketball. - Enjoy computers, reading. - Having kids. (5 so far. :))

Something funny that happened while preaching: Nothing yet. Hopefully nothing will.

What I want on my tombstone: Soli Deo Gloria - Solely for the Glory of God!