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Chico Alliance Church
Bremerton, Washington 98312

About David
  • Education: ThB Multnomah University MDiv Western Conservative Baptist Seminary
  • Experience: Pastor for 38 years
  • Family: Married with four grown Children
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  • Response To Suffering

    Contributed on Sep 12, 2018

    This message expands on the last message. It serves as an overview of Biblical teaching on suffering.

    Chico Alliance Church Pastor David Welch “Faith’s Response to Suffering” Pt 2 REVIEW James issued some instructions to his readers regarding suffering and persecution. How would someone with strong trust in God respond to trials and suffering no matter the source? As we have observed throughout more

  • Faith's Response To Suffering

    Contributed on Sep 12, 2018

    Message 25 in our James exposition. This message explores Jame's instruction for those suffering 5:7-13.

    Chico Alliance Church Pastor David Welch “Faith’s Response to Suffering” REVIEW James serves as a mirror to examine the true nature of our trust in God. How we respond to the various events of life reveal the state of our faith. True trust in God’s provision enables us to respond according to more

  • Eschatology - Study Of The End Times.

    Contributed on Aug 30, 2018

    This message summaries the doctrine of last things.

    Eschatology -- THINGS TO COME REVIEW/INTRODUCTION We have given consideration to some basic consideration regarding war. Why is there war? We have war because of the wickedness and selfishness of men. What is God's perspective on war? God makes war and uses war on the basis of three basic more

  • Angelology - The Study Of Angels Evil And Elect

    Contributed on Aug 30, 2018

    Message summarizing the doctrine of angels.

    Angelology concerns the teaching of the Scripture regarding angels. This study is sometimes broken down into three different categories: Angelology, Demonology, and Satanology. Since all of these deal with angels, we will consider them all under the heading of angels; elect and evil. I. General more

  • Ecclesiology - Study Of The Church

    Contributed on Aug 30, 2018

    This message summarizes the doctrine of the church

    Monthly Doctrinal Series -- Ecclesiology I. THE MYSTERY OF THE CHURCH The way we employ the term “church” generally perpetuates a misconception of her true nature. First, we imply that the church is a building. Second, we imply that the church is an activity that takes place on Sunday that we more

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