• Donald Carpenter

    Contributing sermons since Jan 9, 2003
Donald's church

Evangelical Baptist Church
Torrington, Connecticut 06790

About Donald
  • Education: I have earned a BS. in Bible with Pasotral Theology as the emphasis from Baptist Bible College of Clarks Summit, PA. Currently, I am working on my mastors of Theology with Baptist Bible College Of America.
  • Experience: I have had the opportunity to serve with Pastor Randy Bloem at Scranton Revival Baptist Church in Scranton, PA as an assistant Pastor for 15 years. I then was used by God to plant Revival Baptist Church in Walla Walla, WA and served there four years. Currently I pastor the Evangelical Baptist Church in Torrington CT.
  • Sermon or series that made a difference: This last spring I preached a three sermon series on tithing that changed our giving. Our average monthly giving went up 43%! Praise the Lord!
  • One of my favorite illustrations: The law is like an MRI machine. If you have cancer, the MRI will help the Doctor find out the unseen killer that is invading your body. If the MRI catches it on time it may save your life, but it is only used to diagnose the problem, it can do nothing to remove the cancer. If you depend upon multiple MRI examinations to cure the cancer, you will die. THe law is to diagnose your deadly infection of sin. Just like the MRI, the law can do nothing to cure it, you must find the cure in Christ.
  • Family: I am married to my beautiful wife, Becky, and we have four great children.
  • Books that have had an impact: 1. Guided By Grace by Paul Chappell 2. Touch Not The Unclean Thing by David H. Sorenson
  • Hobbies: I love to fish, shoot, and play music.
  • What I want on my tombstone: He really made a lasting difference.
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Newest Sermons

  • America's Hidden Holocaust

    Contributed on Oct 19, 2004
    based on 18 ratings

    Abortionists are murdering over one third of this generation of children. It is time that we understand America’s hidden holocaust.

    America’s Hidden Holocaust Jeremiah 32:26-35 Preached Sunday Morning October 17, 2004 Introduction: One of the most talked about human tragedies of history was the slaughter of 6 million Jews by Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany. How could a civilized country allow the construction and more

  • When You Least Expect It

    Contributed on Sep 11, 2003
    based on 21 ratings

    This message was preached during a memorial service surrounding the events of September 11, 2001.

    Introduction: Recently I looked up September 11 in reference book that highlighted important dates. The book, written in 1970, had many events and notes of interest for almost every day in the calendar. I was surprised to find that September 11 had no special significance recorded in that more

  • God's Sovereign Symphony

    Contributed on May 22, 2003
    based on 14 ratings

    Many different instruments playing several different parts make up this symphonic masterpiece. If one were to play a non-melodic part alone, it would sound strange and unappealing. It is only when the entire symphony is played out together that the geni

    God’s Sovereign Symphony Esther 6: 1-14 Preached Wednesday, May 21, 2003 Introduction: A master composer like Mozart or Bach writes a work that utilizes melody, harmony and rhythm. Many different instruments playing several different parts make up this symphonic masterpiece. If one were more

  • Hidden Heroes

    Contributed on May 9, 2003
    based on 31 ratings

    When he arrived to the two-room shack that he called home, he saw a light on. We quietly walked in to find his mother crying and praying. He overheard her praying "Lord, please deliver my boy. Lord, please deliver my boy. Lord, please deliver my boy. Lo

    Hidden Heroes I Samuel 1:4-23 Preached Mother’s Day May 11,2003 AM Service Text: 2 Timothy 1:5 5 When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also. Introduction: A more

  • The Difference Between The Good Gal And The Bad Guy

    Contributed on May 7, 2003
    based on 21 ratings

    . In Esther chapter 5, God has preserved for us a look at the contrast between the bad guy, Haman, and the good gal, Esther. As we discover these character qualities, or the lack thereof, examine your own life to see what you need to work on.

    The Differences Between The Good Gal And The Bad Guy Esther 5:1-14 Preached Wednesday May 7, 2003 Introduction: One of the fascinating things about the book of Esther is its rich character development. There is much to learn about the people in this story. So far we have seen how God’s more

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  • A Teenage Boy Found Himself In A Parked Car With ...

    Contributed on May 9, 2003
    based on 4 ratings

    A teenage boy found himself in a parked car with a few other rather unscrupulous friends. He knew that he was where he shouldn’t be. The car was tucked away in a private location to keep their deeds secret. Soon, a bottle of 151 rum made its way around the car. Each teen took a large gulp and more