• Donn Heinrich

    Contributing sermons since Feb 11, 2002
Donn's church

Calvary Bible Chapel
Flanders, New Jersey 07836

About Donn
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible (1990) Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Studies (1992) Master of Science degree in Counseling (1994)
  • Experience: Youth Pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Michigan (1994-1997). Assistant Pastor at Calvary Bible Chapel in New Jersey (1997-2002). Pastor at Calvary Bible Chapel in New Jersey (2002-).
  • What I want on my tombstone: Faithful Unto Death
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  • Hell: The Literal View Vs. Non-Literal Views

    Contributed on Feb 11, 2002
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    This sermon is based on a study of several books by authors who hold to a variety of views on the doctrine of Hell. Please note that the format of this website does not enable me to include footnotes where they were originally placed in the sermon. Howe

    In contemporary Christianity, many questions have arisen as to the reality of hell. While the Bible teaches a literal view of an eternal hell, there has been a widespread embrace of anything but a literal view. There has been much speculation about what the Bible actually teaches about nature and more

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