6-Week Series: Against All Odds

  • Dr. Fred W. Penney

    Contributing sermons since Jan 8, 2001
Dr. Fred W.'s church

Elim Pentecostal
St.John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador A1W 2H2

About Dr. Fred W.
  • Education: Doctor of Ministry. D.Min
  • Experience: 32 years preaching
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: Gardner Taylor once told me: "Words are the weapons of our warfare." Haddon Robinson once told me: "Your big idea is the arrow and the sermon purpose is the target."
  • Books that have had an impact: The Road to Character ( D Brooks)
  • Hobbies: Motorcyles, Gardening, woodworking.
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  • A Parable On Prayer

    Contributed on Feb 3, 2020

    What does persistence in prayer really mean?

    Title: A Parable On Prayer – “Always Pray” Text: Luke 18:1-8 Subject: (Does prayer work?) How do we commit to Prayer when injustice seems to rule? Complement: (Wait and see...) by faith in Christ’s coming kingdom Big Idea: Without Faith We Will Fail – With Faith We Pray And ...read more

  • The Gravity Of Sin And The Greater Grace Of God

    Contributed on Feb 3, 2020

    This Sermon talks about the problem of sin and God's solution

    Sunday February 2, 2020 “The Gravity of Sin and God’s Greater Grace.” Text: Romans 3:9-31 Quote: “Preaching that is true to the gospel of Jesus Christ “does away with two contemporary fictions, that God has quit judging sin; and that men and women find peace by learning how to feel good about ...read more

  • Incarnation. A Miracle To The Max

    Contributed on Dec 23, 2019

    The message explains the magnitude of the incarnation and its ongoing reality.

    Title: Miracle To The Max Text: phil 2:5-11 Subject: what does the incarnation really mean theologically? - (tell us about God ...Christmas) Complement: it means God became human...is human...remains human – and also divine. Idea: “he came down from his glory to bring us up to his ...read more

  • Christmas Chaos

    Contributed on Dec 17, 2019

    Mary may have been highly favoured , but there's more to the story. "We need more Mary's"

    Title: Ever had a chaotic Christmas? Text: Luke 1:26-38 Subject: What is Mary’s legacy to the Christian church? [Story] Complement: Mary’s obedient servant heart brought honour to God. Idea: humble obedience is a priceless and precious gift that we can give to God! Preaching idea : “If you are ...read more

  • The Hope And Promise Of Advent

    Contributed on Dec 16, 2019

    We have made Christmas too small -- think big - kingdom big!

    “The Hope & Promise of Advent” Isaiah 9: 9:1 Nevertheless, there will be no more gloom for those who were in distress. In the past he humbled the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, but in the future he will honor Galilee of the nations, by the Way of the Sea, beyond the Jordan— 2 The ...read more

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