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Eduardo Quintana

Contributor since: Jan 11, 2009

About Eduardo Quintana

Education: Colegio Holandes in Mexico City. Kings Bible Institute (4 years).

Sermon or series that made a difference: 1987 Congresso Centro Cristiano Calacoaya. 1999-2012 Missions Conference at Destiny Church.

Family: My wife and I. And the three boys that God has given us.

Best advice given to me about preaching: "Be yourself, don’try to be like others. Pray everyday and prepare yourself every day so when you are called to speak, you will always be ready". [sp:. Be tu mismo y no trated de ser como otros predicadores. Ora todos los dias y preparate diario para que cuando eres llamado para predicar, estas listo].

Books that have had an impact: There have been so many books that have made a difference, but none as much as God’s word in the Book of Proverbs. [sp:. Han hyabido muchos libros que han hecho una diferencia, pero ninguno como la palabra de Dios en el libro de los Proverbios].

Hobbies: Play the guitar. Landscaping. Cooking. [Toco la guitarra. La jardineria. Cocinar].

Something funny that happened while preaching: The first time I ever preached, I tripped as I was going up the the steps to the stage. [sp:. La primera vez que prediqué, me tropeze cuando subia a la plataforma].