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  • God Bless You

    Contributed on Apr 5, 2017
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    Our text today is often used as the benediction at the end of the service. It is taken from Numbers 6:22-27. I want to show both the meaning to this blessing as well as examples of how God throughout time has enacted this blessing on His people.

    Some fun with origins to start the message. “God Bless You” - AD 590 Pope Gregory I commanded unending prayer and to say God bless you after a person sneezed, since sneezing was one of the first signs of the plague “Good Bye” - from 1565, the original phrase was “God be with ye” became contracted more

  • God’s Righteousness Is Better Than We Could Ever Dream.

    Contributed on Apr 5, 2017
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    Paul desperately wanted to know God’s righteousness working throughout his life. He wanted to grow day by day. We see what the Holy Spirit gave Paul to write about not just knowing about God’s righteousness, but living and experiencing it as well.

    The Problem of Sin is worse than we thought, but God’s righteousness is better than we could ever dream. Do you ever dream about what your life would look like if you had God’s righteousness flowing in every part of who you are? (What is Righteousness? Doing right things, for the right more

  • The Problem Of Sin Is Worse Than We Thought

    Contributed on Apr 5, 2017
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    We underestimate the power and the gravity of sin. This message seeks to show from Romans 7 and Genesis 3 the ways that sin wars against us. Yet God is more than able to overcome sin's power through Jesus Christ.

    Introduction - Our Society does not take sin seriously. You don’t often hear people publicly admitting to sin. I’ve made a mistake, I should have done that better When we look at ourselves with honesty, we admit that we don’t take sin seriously We make allowance for it in our lives We think more

  • The Next Five Minutes

    Contributed on Jan 3, 2012
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    If you were offered 5 million dollars for the next 5 minutes of your life, with no holds barred, would you make the deal? How much more should we live in the light of Eternity when our life on earth is but the blink of an eye.

    We are going to set up the title of this message by going through a scenario. Imagine with me that there is a knock at the door, we go over to it, open it up, and in walks a man with a beautiful Armani suit, a fedora hat, and big smile on. “I have great news for you,” he says. more

  • What Did Jesus Do?

    Contributed on Jun 29, 2009
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    Answers the foundational question of the Christian Faith...What Did Jesus Do? (Forgiveness, Justification, sent followers with a mission in life.)

    Today we are answering a foundational question of the Christian Faith, “What Did Jesus Do?” 2000 years ago was the point in time that God came to earth as a man who went by the name of Jesus. Jesus was real, he would have looked like anybody else born on earth. He went through the same more

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  • I Want For You To Imagine With Me That We Are Out ...

    Contributed on Oct 2, 2009

    I want for you to imagine with me that we are out in the middle of a huge storm on a state of the art fishing boat. We are in the middle of the ocean just trying to survive the rain and the wind and to make things work, it is the middle of night and it is almost impossible to see. Suddenly, in more

  • Shelter Of Dreams

    Contributed on Apr 22, 2008
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    SHELTER OF DREAMS But how can a dream realistically provide shelter? I give you the example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr whose dream for equality is still providing shelter today. His dream came to the forefront of American politics when the Montgomery Bus Boycott forced the Supreme Court to more

  • What's Your Dream?

    Contributed on Apr 22, 2008

    WHAT'S YOUR DREAM? Mathew Barnett, at the young age of 20, was asked by his father Tommy Barnett to pastor an Inner City Church in Los Angeles. The first day that Mathew was at the Church it had a congregation of forty people. But instead of growing under his young and enthusiastic leadership, more

  • Peter Daniel's Steps To Goal Setting

    Contributed on Apr 22, 2008

    Peter Daniel’s steps to Goal Setting: 1. Define Your Goals 2. Set Your Strategy (Mission Statement) 3. Build in Reserves (Physical, Mental, Spiritual) 4. Remove Blockages 5. more

  • Mulligan

    Contributed on Feb 1, 2008
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    "Mulligan" There are a lot of golfers out there who have convinced themselves that it is OK to cheat, they even came up with a name for it so that it didn’t sound so bad. It’s called a Mulligan, a do over, a second chance. Here is how it goes. You step up to the tee box to hit the ball and more