• Jay Patton

    Contributing sermons since May 15, 2002
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Eastside Baptist Church
Columbia, South Carolina 29204

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  • It Ain't Over 'til It's Over

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2002
    based on 21 ratings

    A look at a calling of God’s people back to godly ways.

    Introduction: Names illustration Background: Security established, responsibility delegated, daily schedule delegated. Purpose Statement: If you are a child of God then… I. Get Organized for God (vs. 5-60, 66-69) A. Nehemiah performing triage 1. Explaining triage illustration 2. Walls were more

  • Homeland Security

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2002
    based on 21 ratings

    Setting up the structures in your life and the life of the peolple of God.

    Introduction: End of WWII wasn’t the end of the war. There was still work to do, peace to be enforced. Similarly Christians who think walking the isle is the end of their responsibility to God - It’s only the first step. Background: Nehemiah knew getting the walls up didn’t fix the underlying more

  • Peace And Joy

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2002
    based on 11 ratings

    The reason why Paul can order Christians to rejoice in the Lord.

    Introduction: Why Me Lord? Background: One of the ways we can stand firm in the faith is to remember who it is we serve. Purpose Statement: Christians have every reason to rejoice because… I. The LORD is with you (v. 5) A. Yahweh Shammah: The Lord is There 1. Context of Ezekiel 48:35 2. His more

  • Enough With The Leftovers

    Contributed on Aug 6, 2002
    based on 8 ratings

    A sermon challenging everyone to give God their best.

    Enough With the Leftovers Mark 12:41-44 Introduction: Illustration re: Chuck Swindoll forgetting his anniversary Read Scripture/Pray Background: Jesus’ contrast of the self-righteous leaders vs. the poor Purpose Statement: When you give to the Lord recognize... I. It’s not the size of the more

  • Don't Be Such A Moron

    Contributed on Aug 6, 2002
    based on 24 ratings

    A warning that being a Christian means living a life that has been transformed by the Spirit.

    Introduction: Jim Marshall running the wrong way Read Scripture/Pray Explanation of Jewish wedding – 3 stages: Background: 2nd part of Olivet discourse, disciple’s question, sandwich of 5 Purpose Statement: To avoid losing site of the goal I. Be Committed A. Recognize Who it is that called more

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