• Jeremy Congdon

    Contributing sermons since Apr 30, 2011
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Cornerstone Christian Church
Joplin, Missouri 64801

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  • Trust Vs Envy

    Contributed on Apr 30, 2011
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    We want want want and envy envy envy everything we see. Our society is all about having the next big item or the coolest little gadget. But this causes us to lose trust in God. We must put our trust in a God that provides.

    Introduction Have you ever wanted something so bad that you were willing to do ANYTHING to get it? I mean you were to the point where you would sell a kidney to have this thing. When I was quite a bit younger I wanted a Playstation more than anything else in the world. A few of my friends had more

  • Look At The Birds

    Contributed on Apr 30, 2011
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    Worry seems to be at the center of most people's lives. We worry about every little thing under the sun, but Jesus tells us not to. Why? Because he's GOD!!

    Introduction: Do any of you ever worry about anything? I know that sounds like a stupid question but when I asked that something probably popped into your head. Right now I want you to think of the one thing you worry about most. Picture that thing in your head. It could be money, your job, your more

  • Remember Lot's Wife

    Contributed on Apr 30, 2011
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    Humans have a hard time following rules. It is in our nature to rebel because we are self-centered and curious. But, sadly enough for us there are consequences. Either we can follow God's commands, or we'll suffer the consequences.

    Introduction: God was preparing to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Because of God’s love and covenant with Abraham, God shared with Abraham what was going to happen. Abraham asked God to spare the city if 50 righteous could be found, but there were not 50 righteous. Abraham tried 45, then 40, more

  • But God

    Contributed on Apr 30, 2011
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    We hear about grace all the time in church, but what is the purpose of grace? What does grace show us? Through grace we see our past, present and future in the kingdom of God.

    Introduction: When a person works an eight-hour day and receives a fair day’s pay for his time, that is a wage. When a person competes with an opponent and receives a trophy for his performance, that is a prize. When a person receives appropriate recognition for his long service or high more