• Jerlette Mickie

    Contributing sermons since Jan 28, 2003
Jerlette's church

New Light Cathedral
Stafford, Virginia 22554
1866 999-6526

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  • Empowering Men To Lead

    Contributed on Jan 28, 2003
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    This lesson is about empowering men to lead in all aspects of life.

    The Call to Empower Men Written & Prepared by Dr. Jerlette Mickie Worksheet 1-2003 “Empowering Men to Lead” It should be the ultimate desire of every woman to have a husband who is empowered to lead. It is not only important just to have fiancés, houses and personable items. Being more

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  • Glossary

    Contributed on Jan 28, 2003
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    Glossary Visionary – one who is creative thinker, innovator, seer, a futurist Provider- one who brings, gives or provides or contributes provision. A source of strength, security, and or ones well being. Making life better. Mentor- one that advises, counsels, guides, tutor, teaches and more

  • The Ten Comandments

    Contributed on Jan 28, 2003
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    THE TEN COMANDMENTS FOR MEN Be a prayer warrior Impact your family before you attempt to impact the world Do something good in your community Impress your children not your buddies Be a God Chaser Take ownership of your mistakes Make more